Not Another Cinderella Story

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Cinderella Cover

opinion story by Robin Hendricks

What is sure to be the first in a long line of live action Disney remakes, Cinderella sets a high standard that will be hard to follow.

The new adaptation, starring Lily James and Richard Madden, follows the plotline of the original Cinderella story. The couple has daughter. The mom dies. The dad remarries. The dad dies. The wicked stepmother makes daughter, Ella, work for her and her two daughters. Ella turns into Cinderella. And on and on.

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Students sing their hearts out at Open Mic Night

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story by Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick and Maddie Mason

Harmonies and melodies reverberate throughout the commons as performers sing and play instruments.  Last Wednesday, Music Club held it first annual Open Mic Night which was a success.

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Un-American History

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opinion story by Becca Spilka

Hold on to your seat because Oklahoma is attempting to ban AP U.S. History.

Their reason? It teaches students “what is bad about America.”

And maybe that’s all fine and dandy for Oklahoma, but if this radically moronic decision begins to spread, we’ll create an epidemic of ignorance.

We can’t send our children to schools where everything they’re learning is censored in such a way that we essentially become brain-washed ‘Murica lovin’ zombies. If we don’t provide our future generations with the facts and the mistakes of the past, then how are they supposed to avoid them in the future?

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Soda City adds flare to Columbia, revitalizes Main St.

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By: Maddie Mason,Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick, and Eddie Bates

Every Saturday in  downtown Columbia begins with the cheerful vibe from the Soda City Market; locals and vendors come out every Saturday to enjoy the market and sell their product.

“When Soda City started it was just one block in the spring and summer then it expanded to two blocks. The people have been really receptive to Soda City,” vendor Ginny Scoggins said. “As the market has grown, our business has grown.  It also gives people the opportunity to sample and taste our product which has helped the business grow even more.”

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Punishment doesn’t fit the crime

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by Robin Hendricks

With the increasing prevalence of social media in students’ everyday lives, more and more of their interactions are taking place on these platforms. Some are good, and some are bad.

It’s easier to assume one’s words will not come back to bite them if sent from behind a computer or phone and for years people have used this as an excuse to say things online they would not face-to-face. Often these remarks are emotionally harmful to those they are sent to or are about.

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Blood drive helps students give back

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by Abby Beauregard, Raleigh Norris, Lacee Getter

With the arrival of the Red Cross’s table at lunch, of-age students began to flock over in hopes of signing up for the school’s annual blood drive. Read the rest of this entry »

Over-complicated fix to nonexistent problem

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Opinion piece by Becca Spilka

Dutch Fork High School is ranked one of the best high schools in the state.

It challenges its students.

It prepares them for the future.

It pushes them to succeed.

But one of the best qualities that Dutch Fork has to offer is the countless opportunities for students to expand their horizons and explore their interests.

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