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Wrestling team suits up for upcoming season

Story by Josh German

Wrestling pic

Photo by Kyle Kimrey

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HODF 9.29.15


Photo by Chyna Wallace

I like to sing in choir and just in general. It’s fun to do, it’s easy to do (if you do it right). [I started singing in choir] In seventh grade, at the middle school. I started choir because I always wanted to do it. The middle school came over to Crossroads and did their performance and that was really fun. Later on I ended up doing the same thing at Crossroads. Then I saw the choir teacher for the high school, which was [Mr.] Greenleaf at the time, and I loved [Mr.] Greenleaf because I knew him from band and he was great. So I joined, and we lost him and had some new teachers over the years, but I still love the program either way.

Brooke Fennell, Junior

HODF 9.24.15

Erica Meece

Photo by Robert Sawyer
I’m in theatre and art and I used to play the violin. My schedule didn’t allow me to play violin this year and I miss it a lot. I want to teach so I need to take other classes besides orchestra to get a major in education, so that’s why I stopped. [I wanted to become a teacher because] I always liked helping my friends whenever I could, like with helping their homework and other things. I want to be a theatre or art teacher and I also want people to be able to express themselves and to feel more comfortable with themselves with things they do through theatre or art.
Erica Meece, Sophomore

Exchange students bring diversity

Story by Zakiya Austin, Raleigh Norris, Lindsay Long


Photo by Raleigh Norris

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HODF 9.22.15


Photo by Robert Sawyer

“[STEM] has been quiet challenging for me. Candy and coffee definitely help for late study nights, we have about 3 pages and 4 hours minimum of homework for each subject every night. If we have a project due it’s at least 6 hours.”

“I’m hoping to get scholarships out of STEM, I want to attend Stanford University and the tuition is very expensive so the scholarships from the STEM program will definitely help out. One of my other goals in life is to become a pediatric psychiatrist. A pediatric psychiatrist is basically a child therapist who can prescribe medications to help relieve children of their internal issues.”

Rebecca McLeod, freshman

Dutch Fork dives into politics

Story by Abby Beauregard, Trey Rice, and Sam Aaron


Photo by Sam Aaron

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Pep Club brings the noise to Dutch Fork athletics

Story by Trey Martin

IMG_0726 (2)

Photo by Maddie Mason

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HODF 9.21.15

Barry Lindler

Photo by Robert Sawyer

“[This year’s cross country team is] probably at the most dedicated group of athletes from top to bottom that I’ve ever coached.”

“The desire to learn and grow is unusual because both in the classroom and on the field that so many people are so engaged in making sure that they better themselves. Working with both groups I definitely consider a privilege. And not only with them I consider working here at Dutch Fork High School a privilege and I thoroughly enjoy every day and I truly look forward to the opportunity to come back the next day.”

Barry Lindler, Computer Science teacher

Cross country meet from September 16th. Coaches Classic Invitational

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Humans of Dutch Fork 9.18.15

Mia Conley

Photo by Robert Sawyer

“Well, being a senior is good because I feel like I’m rarely at school because I have so much free time now since I have all my credits over with. I have four senior study halls, which is good, and also get other privileges like we get treated better, like we treated like we actually know things about the school and we don’t get treated like babies, pretty much.

“Life is super fun now that I’m a senior, super fabulous now that I’m a senior. My classes are easy, I feel smarter because I know more after being a freshman, sophomore, and junior.

“It’s great to be a silver fox.”

Mia Conley, Senior

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