Flying high

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story by Abby Beauregard, Becca Spilka, and Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick

From The A-Team to Neon Ninjas, groups of Physics students storm the football field for the annual catapult launch.  Groups of students line up side by side at the starting line, ready to launch their softballs 50 yards across the field. Read the rest of this entry »

Girl’s lacrosse loses first round of playoffs, ends regular season 4-2

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story by Josh Imholte and Anna Maria Gardiner

Although heartbroken from their loss against Bishop England for the next round in the South Carolina Girl’s  Lacrosse Championship Tournament, the members of the Dutch Fork Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse team held their heads high as they stepped off the bus, greeted by parents and loyal fans. Read the rest of this entry »

Dance Day Dances Into District Five

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story by Rebekah Street and Maddie Mason

The dancers of District 5 come together on Dance Day to get their grooves on while also racking up cans for the Harvest Hope organization.

According to junior Hannah Howell, District Five Dance Day is when all the schools in the district come to the school and divide into intermediate and intermediate advanced classes, and take different types of classes from different teachers.

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Prom: An Unforgettable Cliche

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column by Hayley Younginer

“All right now ladies and gentlemen, let’s bring it down with a slow song to end the most memorable night of your lives,” says the DJ who then plays a dubstep version of an Ed Sheeran song, completely unaware of how awkward he just made the next three minutes of the night. (I mean really, man? How do you even slow dance to dubstep?)

Although the DJ may be completely in the wrong with his playlist, he is right about one thing: prom is a memorable night.

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Not Another Cinderella Story

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Cinderella Cover

opinion story by Robin Hendricks

What is sure to be the first in a long line of live action Disney remakes, Cinderella sets a high standard that will be hard to follow.

The new adaptation, starring Lily James and Richard Madden, follows the plotline of the original Cinderella story. The couple has daughter. The mom dies. The dad remarries. The dad dies. The wicked stepmother makes daughter, Ella, work for her and her two daughters. Ella turns into Cinderella. And on and on.

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Students sing their hearts out at Open Mic Night

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story by Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick and Maddie Mason

Harmonies and melodies reverberate throughout the commons as performers sing and play instruments.  Last Wednesday, Music Club held it first annual Open Mic Night which was a success.

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Un-American History

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opinion story by Becca Spilka

Hold on to your seat because Oklahoma is attempting to ban AP U.S. History.

Their reason? It teaches students “what is bad about America.”

And maybe that’s all fine and dandy for Oklahoma, but if this radically moronic decision begins to spread, we’ll create an epidemic of ignorance.

We can’t send our children to schools where everything they’re learning is censored in such a way that we essentially become brain-washed ‘Murica lovin’ zombies. If we don’t provide our future generations with the facts and the mistakes of the past, then how are they supposed to avoid them in the future?

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