Calling all bookworms…

By Jamie Mason, Carina Leaman, Robin Hendricks  As many people wander the halls, signs for different clubs grab their attention. DECA, Cross Country, Fashion and Design, but one club people never see a sign for is book club. “Actually my wife had it [the book club] first. She teaches at Chapin Middle School and she … Continue reading

Dutch Fork crowns its new royalty

By Jamie Mason, Robin Hendricks, Carina Leaman With winning smiles and confident strides, 17 gorgeous Dutch Fork ladies strutt across the stage in the Miss Silver Fox pageant. Dutch Fork’s annual Miss Silver Fox Pageant was held in the high school’s auditorium last Saturday evening, beginning at 7 p.m. and ending around 9 p.m. The … Continue reading

Students’ tweets concerning

By Jamie Mason, Robin Hendricks, Carina Leaman With the dehumanization of bullying, threats and insults on social media sites such as Twitter, students must be careful what they say on the internet. Cyberbullying has become an epidemic amongst teenagers.  Without seeing a person face to face while speaking to them, it is much easier to … Continue reading

Silver foxes slam dunk another state championship

By Michaela Baker, Madison Metts, Mendy Harris Beads of sweat began to form on the player’s foreheads as the warm ups came to a close and the coaches paced back in forth anticipating the start of the game. A chant rang through the ever familiar and filled Colonial Life Arena as the pep club declared … Continue reading

Aaron Burton wrestles for the State Championship

Wrestling team makes it to state

By Michaela Baker, Madison Metts, Mendy Harris The wrestling team has traveled a long road to state through infections and suspensions but has come out on top as multiple players placed in the state championship. “It’s honestly an honor to make it to state,” senior Josh Davis said. “So many great wrestlers have been through … Continue reading

Slam dunk into playoffs

By Madison Metts, Mendy Harris, Michaela Baker With February coming to an end and March around the corner it only signifies one thing: basketball is in full swing. This year, both the girl’s varsity basketball team and the boys varsity basketball team have made it to the playoffs for the state championship. “I think it’s … Continue reading

Dutch Fork gets voted best high school in S.C.

By Maddie Mason, Kirsten Arnoult, Lacee Getter  With good academics, athletics, teachers, students and staff, Dutch Fork has made its way to the number one high school in the state. Because of the hard work and improvement the school has put in throughout the years, they have received the respected title of the number one … Continue reading

Social Media connects everyone

By Kirsten Arnoult, Maddie Mason, and Lacee Getter In the recent death of a beloved Dutch Fork High School senior, Davon Capers, students copped through twitter, instagram, and facebook. However, the initial problem came from those same social media sites. The elephant in the room is whether social media sites created conflict or deflated it. … Continue reading

Dutch Fork does a blood drive in honor of Davon Capers

By Lacee Getter, Maddie Mason, Kirsten Arnoult Due to the tragedy, students and staff have decided to put on a blood drive, the American Red Cross agreed to this and decided to help out with the blood drive. Sign ups for the blood took place in the senior cafeteria during all lunches. Because of the … Continue reading

STEM program reaches out to new students

By: Jamie Mason, Robin Hendricks, Carina Leeman As new schedules are created the STEM program is anxiously awaiting new recruits for their program. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is a highly advanced program that attracts many kids around the district. “In the past we have been limited to approximately 50 students per year, being … Continue reading


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