Nurturing musical taste with Earmilk

An old glass bottle of milk appears on the tab. No this site is not the ‘Got milk?’ site.
This is the website that provides nutrients for your music taste, not the body.
Earmilk is a music blog that showcases independent  musicians from various color coordinated genres. Genres like indie is red or for hip-hop the is orange. Under those genres they have sub genres to be more specific. It was mind blowing to see the various genres that I did not realize exist.
The artists on Earmilk are usually fresh, and recently emerging from under their talent forbidding rocks. These artist needs a site to show them off to consumers. This is a way artist can get fans to support them throughout their career. Each artist has a list of at least three social media websites links for their new found fans to stalk, fan-girl and/or conversate about. The regular radio music people may listen to will be found remixed by various electronic artists.
Since this music blog is about what is nutritionally good for the listener they have dairy product and food themed playlist released weekly, such as ‘Suicide Sundaes’ that contains the sprinkles, scoop, and streams, which is the way the author categorizes the music. Or ‘the club’, as in the sandwich, is a playlist of the club/dance music.

Then non food related weekly playlists are ‘night rumours’ delivering dance music to the insomniacs, ‘Wobble Wednesday’ provides the dubstep and ‘Artist Remixed’ gives remixes of  popular or upcoming artist. The ‘Daily 2%’ is a daily serving of chill music of every genre that seems to seep into the muscles, telling them to chill and relax.

The design layout of this website is simply complex meaning black background, white text with the writer’s name in the colors of the genre, a music streaming box, and links to the blogs other social media sites. To display each ‘featured showcase’ interview or artist’s song they have their picture assembled like knocked over dominoes across the top. Underneath those is the most recent playlist and other post display picture. The music on this  site offers free downloadable links and/or you can stream on the website or, if the option is given, at soundcloud. I prefer to stream it on soundcloud because Soundcloud has more songs the artist has posted personally. After the recent website change, this website is looking more professional, which is much better than before.
When rushing to find an artist do not use this Earmilk’s search engine. Early in my findings of Earmilk I went searching for an artist I previously saw. I clicked on the search button but to be only led to a knock-knock joke. At first it was funny, then I realized that I had to leave the website and find it by using google. It is best to remember the name when first listening to it or write it down. The music/artist found on this website would be difficult to find sometimes because they are not as popular as the artists found on the radio. Another problem is that this blog website sometimes updates are late for weekly playlist and the ‘Daily 2%’ song/artist.
This music blog is very informative, easy to navigate and provides a wide spectrum of music. The writer may have a soundcloud link, social media links and a download link with the artist and/or song link. The soundcloud link can provide more songs to listen to from that artist. Overall, Earmilk is user friendly and very efficient way to get those fresh artist to listeners who appreciate their individuality.
Heres the link to Earmilk:

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