News – Senior Prank

by: mckenzie mack and richard limpkin

Trying to resemble a late night escapade in the courtyard the senior class of 2012 created an event that undermined the sophisticated organization the administration. The prank consisted of two pools in the courtyard filled with students and an assortment of activities resembling a party at the beach. Students played in the courtyard for the entire first block and managed to frustrate teachers and faculty.

“Seniors had an impromptu pool party as their senior prank. We were aware that we allowed them to set up last night and that it was supposed to take place before school to make it look like they had been there all night. It did roll-over into first block and I made the decision to end it after first block. No absences were excused, if the senior chose to be there then they were out of class and were unexcused,” principal Gregg Morton said.

The issue was that seniors were skipping their first black classes, losing valuable time to be preparing for exams.

“I was concerned about students needing to be in class, it’s hard not to think about AP exams coming up and I think I was very worried about places where they should have been instead of outside,” assistant principal Sarah Longshore said.

Another issue that students had was that the prank seemingly was endorsed by the faculty itself with accessibility to a gas grill and nets and balls for volleyball.

“Two guys came and asked for two balls and a volleyball net and I thought that it was okay because I saw the tennis tables out there. So I got the net and helped them take it out there.I didn’t really know what was going on. I thought it was just a thing for the seniors,” physical education teacher Faye Norris said.

Since students had a false understanding that the event was coordinated with the administration, a rumor had spread claiming that the absences were excused.

“We’re just going to review how many students are out and if it goes over the exceeded allotment then we will be reasonable with it. At this point I don’t know, we will probably get together with administration and we’ll look and see how many students are absent today. The majority of the students didn’t linger around and went to class after that block and nobody got hurt and I appreciate the seniors for trying to do something different and working with us, trying to keep it from going out of hand,” Morton said.

The prank caused a miscommunication between the administration and no one actually understood fully what was going on. It caused hysteria amongst the adults and students.

“The truth is that it was supposed to be a senior prank. Pranks are supposed to be a surprise and they’re supposed to be fun,” Longshore said. “They’re not supposed to be planned out and organized and school sponsored. In that regard it makes sense that the administrators didn’t know what was going on or the teachers didn’t have prior notification. If that was the true intent of it then it was a success because the rest of us were left in the dark. We didn’t know any of the fine details because it was a prank. Even though it was a complete and utter mess; that was probably the point of it. So the seniors got one over us, basically. Good job.”

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