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Students practice new forms of intruder drills

Story by Jada Metze

Even though this was only a drill, there were still concerns on what was happening during With all of the recent school shootings that have been happening around the US, Dutch Fork High School is doing its best to prepare their students and staff for these types of situations as best as they possibly can.

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Students peaceably protest to make change

Reporter Sarah Ellis interviews juniors Karynton Odom and Felicity Collum about the walk out.

Story by Warner Otto, Photos by Christian Banks

Last month, there was a school shooting in Florida and 17 lives were lost. Everyone nationwide is protesting and standing up to make a change. There have been walkouts and students who have been emailing, tweeting, texting, and calling elected officials. There have also been students who are old enough that have registered to vote.

“I feel as if it will give students an opportunity to make a difference,” freshman Alexia Onate. Continue reading “Students peaceably protest to make change”

Jumping through the roof: Dallas Wise looks to build upon record setting season

Story by Stephen Wise, Photos by Goflashwin and Ryan Harris 

Defying gravity. It’s a habit of high jump extraordinaire Dallas Wise, a standout junior on the track team.  In his first year of track last season, his jumping vaulted him all the way to a second place finish in the state. This year, he’s back and hungry for more, hoping to finish the season with a ring on his finger.

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New three-lunch schedule goes into effect

Photo and Story by Anjali McDaniel

Dutch Fork High School is creating a new lunch schedule for students and staff. The school has decided to try and combine third and fourth-lunch, which will ultimately lead to three lunches instead of four. Continue reading “New three-lunch schedule goes into effect”

A Black Panther Review

Story by Caroline Hine

Thousands of fans across the world have prepared for the moment when they would finally see what the Black Panther hype has been all about. Theaters everywhere sold out of tickets within hours of going on sale; so quickly that some even opened up additional theaters to be able to hold more showings. Being the first superhero movie centered around an African cast, thousands went to see the movie to check it out. Continue reading “A Black Panther Review”

Student-athletes’ collegiate career begins with signing day

Photo and Story by Stephen Wise

On Wednesday, February 7th, recruits all across the nation put pen to paper and committed to continue both their athletic and academic career collegiately. Seven Dutch Fork athletes joined the thousands of young athletes whose playing careers don’t end on graduation day. Continue reading “Student-athletes’ collegiate career begins with signing day”

Students using social media to spread awareness of gun violence

Story by Warner Otto, Photo by Christian Banks

Teenagers use social media for everything, whether it’s capturing moments, hanging out with friends, or capturing a traumatic event, such as the shooting in Florida last week. But how can spreading awareness on social media help keep others safe? Continue reading “Students using social media to spread awareness of gun violence”

Discussing ideas for school safety

Story by Anjali McDaniel

People around the nation are horrified and hurt by the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida and the stinging aftermath of the shooting is finding its way into the Dutch Fork community. Continue reading “Discussing ideas for school safety”

“Unfinished Business”: Boys’ lacrosse team is back for revenge

Story by Stephen Wise, Photos by Goflashwin

Hands on their hips, brows soaked in sweat, their season was over at the hands of their rivals. This year, they are not planning on feeling that defeat again. The boys’ lacrosse team coined the term “Unfinished Business” over the offseason and are intent on putting everything they have into every game with the hopes of winning a state championship. Continue reading ““Unfinished Business”: Boys’ lacrosse team is back for revenge”

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