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New uniforms for the baseball team

Story by Morgan Wilkinson and Alexandria Sessions, Photo by Goflashwin 

As the season starts for the baseball team, who is now kicking off their games off with trendy fashion. The baseball team looks forward to another year of great achievements and new uniforms to show off on the field. Continue reading “New uniforms for the baseball team”

Clubs sell Valentine’s Gifts

Story by Adell Pitts and Laura Santos, Photo by Laura Santos

Valentine’s Day is coming up and clubs around the school want to help celebrate the loving holiday. Student Council is selling crush sodas to help the American Cancer Society, Beta Club is selling carnations to help with graduation supplies, choir is doing singing valentines to raise money for a music competition in April in Atlanta, and National Art Honor Society is doing a photo booth. Continue reading “Clubs sell Valentine’s Gifts”

The Safety Inspection at Dutch Fork High School

Story by Anjali McDaniel

The school had a safety inspection a few weeks ago to monitor any hazards, construction, health, sanitation, and overall safety of the school. Continue reading “The Safety Inspection at Dutch Fork High School”

Administration works towards school safety

Story by Warner Otto, Photo by Christian Banks

It has only been a month into the new year, and there have already been 11 school shootings across the United States. Schools have to worry about how to keep students safe during school. A few months ago, a student at school was in possession of a gun, but no one ended up getting hurt. Schools take certain measures to make sure students and faculty feel safe at school. Continue reading “Administration works towards school safety”

Women’s Marches Foreshadow a New Beginning

Story by Michelle Lane

Last week kicked off the second organized women’s march of what CNN calls Trumpmerica. Continue reading “Women’s Marches Foreshadow a New Beginning”

Winter Wonder Wear

Story and Photo Grace Whisman Continue reading “Winter Wonder Wear”

Annual D5 Be A Fan 5k fun run

Story by Laura Santos, Photo by Kelly Payne 

The annual District Five Be A Fan 5k fun run was last Saturday, as people gathered in the bus loop at Dutch Fork High School. Continue reading “Annual D5 Be A Fan 5k fun run”

Adjusting to the New Semester Classes

Story by Jada Metze

The first semester classes have recently ended and now it is time for teachers and students to switch classes and take on a new semester and new people. Continue reading “Adjusting to the New Semester Classes”

Frisbee Club gives the Ultimate opportunity to get Involved

Story by Stephen Wise, Photo by Ammar Dossaji

Football, basketball, baseball, soccer. These are the sports that come to mind when you talk about getting active and playing a sport. The ultimate frisbee club looks to change that mindset. Continue reading “Frisbee Club gives the Ultimate opportunity to get Involved”

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