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Dutch Fork still has plenty to be proud of

IMG_6903Story and photo by Trey Martin

Televisions throughout the school were tuned to ETV Tuesday afternoon to watch the live broadcast of the state’s Palmetto’s Finest announcement. Announcements were made and classes were changed to have as many people watch the event as possible, with anticipation hovering over the school after the five month process. Everything was set up perfectly to celebrate being named the finest school in the state of South Carolina, until it wasn’t.

Continue reading “Dutch Fork still has plenty to be proud of”

Bracketology: Here Comes Duke

duke march madness

Story by Trey Martin

For a plethora of sports fans around the country, the NCAA Basketball Tournament is the best time of year. On Sunday night, the field of 68 teams were announced and the madness will begin on Tuesday night. Here is a look at what to expect from this year’s tournament. Continue reading “Bracketology: Here Comes Duke”


Weather makeup day makes student holiday into school day

File_000 (2)Story by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Lindsay Long, photo by Justice Nawman


On Monday, March 20, instead of it being a student holiday and teacher work day all students will have a normal school day. We will make up a day from earlier this year when we had the hurricane warnings for three days. Every month, students usually get a Monday off that is designated as a teacher work day. Continue reading “Weather makeup day makes student holiday into school day”

Basketball tournament leads to madness in the classroom

march madness pics

Story by Trey Martin and Destiny White


Basketball fans across the country eagerly anticipate the month of March, which is home to the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Teams from across the country compete in instant classics, drawing the attention of millions of viewers. Continue reading “Basketball tournament leads to madness in the classroom”

College readiness for dummies

IMG_8868 (1)Story and photo by Zakiya Austin


As the third quarter comes to a close, the end of the year means arrangements have to be made for seniors set to graduate on the first day of  June. Although underclassmen are not graduating quite yet, it’s never too early to start thinking up a plan. Continue reading “College readiness for dummies”

Junior class receives rings to signify high school success

File_000 (12)Story by Lindsay Long, Justice Nawman, and Warner Otto, photo by Warner Otto


Receiving a shiny ring to wear around school is an exciting and motivational time for juniors. Getting a class ring drives students to continue to do well in high school and finish off strong. The ceremony takes place on Tuesday, March 14th. Continue reading “Junior class receives rings to signify high school success”

Juniors take an important test

File_000 (11)Story by Warner Otto, Justice Nawman, and Lindsay Long, photo by Justice Nawman

As February comes to an end, ACT testing begins for juniors. All juniors are given the opportunity to take the test on February 28.  According to junior Stephanie Johnson, colleges use the scores to help determine the students they accept. It’s important to do well so you can get into competitive colleges. Continue reading “Juniors take an important test”

Trump’s wall

donaldtrumpStory by Zakiya Austin


Since the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, America has been in a constant uproar. People on social media, some who even supported Trump, have now turned on him in light of his recent actions. Continue reading “Trump’s wall”

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