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Junior IGP meetings

img_0096Story by, Destiny White, Trey Martin, and Justice Nawman


As juniors begin to prepare for the arrival of senior year and the years that come behind it, guidance counselors call them to the office one by one to plan for the future. Continue reading “Junior IGP meetings”

Excessive phone usage in teenagers

Story by Lindsay Long, Warner Otto, and Max Franks


It’s the 21st century, and all Americans have at least one technological device in their home, or on them at all times. The average person checks their phone 46 times a day, and high school students exceed that amount. There are many apps and websites that attract the attention of people, including social media and instant messaging. Continue reading “Excessive phone usage in teenagers”

Spirit week gets the students excited for spirit

img_9923Story by Warner Otto, Lindsay Long, and Max Franks, photo by Lindsay Long

As the big rivalry football game against Irmo approached in the end of October, Dutch Fork students participated in the spirit week preceding the game. Spirit week is designed to get all of the students hyped up for the game and the pep rally that Friday morning. Continue reading “Spirit week gets the students excited for spirit”

Students participate in college application day

img_9927Story by Trey Martin and Destiny White, photo by Trey Martin


On November 1, numerous colleges from around the southeast were in attendance for the school’s College Application Day, where students are able to receive help and get tips on how to navigate through a school’s application. Continue reading “Students participate in college application day”

God save the Queen

crown0007Story by Chyna Wallace and Zakiya Austin, photo from Netflix


What if your life was changed forever in one moment? What if you went from living a private life, to being in the public eye 24/7, all eyes on you. Both of these questions and more come up in the first season  of “The Crown,” Netflix’s new original show. Once a successful princess in England, Elizabeth soon finds herself being married to Philip, prince-to-be, Duke of Edinburgh. Continue reading “God save the Queen”

Race for the White House concludes


Story by Zakiya Austin and Chyna Wallace


The 2016 Presidential Election has definitely been an interesting one, as major party candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have given Americans a run for their money. Continue reading “Race for the White House concludes”

Dutch Fork students and faculty vote in the 2016 general election

img_9861Story by Justice Nawman and Trey Martin, photo by Trey Martin

With the arrival of November comes Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and the long awaited general election. While the election process has come with many pros and cons, it is important for American citizens to cast their vote. Continue reading “Dutch Fork students and faculty vote in the 2016 general election”

Hey Dear


Story and picture by Chyna Wallace

Pictures on the wall. Trophies on the shelves. A home away from home.

Andy, a man that moved to the U.S. from Lebanon, has had Andy’s Deli since August of 1978, and it has been family-owned. Continue reading “Hey Dear”

Dancers dazzle the judges

img_7774Story by Zakiya Austin and Destiny White, photo by Debbie Gascon


On Saturday, October 22, the Dutch Fork Dazzlers attended the Fort Mill Dance Invitational to compete against seven other teams in their division. Continue reading “Dancers dazzle the judges”

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