By Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick, Kirsten Arnoult, and Sean Riehm

One ball. Two teams. Three seconds left in the game. This was a night the Silver Foxes will never forget. Tuesday night, Dutch Fork played a long anticipated game against their rivals.

“We played very aggressive and it worked out well for us. We attacked the basket and got a lot of rebounds and we made many of the shots that we took,” senior Julian Heyward said.

Junior Jason Maxwell agrees

“We were hustling on the court and being active every where. We came out with great energy and didn’t let up on defense. We played discipline defense and executed on offense,” junior Jason Maxwell said.

Sweat hits the floor as Dutch Fork effortlessly keeps up in score with Irmo.

“We just kept going as hard as we could and never let up. The student section also did a good job of keeping us hype and being loud,” Jason said.

Throughout the game, the crowd was kept on their feet. There was never a dull moment between the slam dunks and the chants by the student section.

“Well the atmosphere was amazing. I thought the building was going to explode. It had a major affect on us. It kept us pumped and made us feel great to know that we have such an amazing support system,” Julian said.

No matter what sport, Dutch Fork’s students never miss an opportunity to support the boys.

“It was one of the best atmospheres for a basketball game in a long time.  It got very loud multiple times.  I loved it! Both student sections were great to me,” Irmo senior Xavier Hill said.

Sophomore Kevin Coppin believes the boys have the potential to make it to state this year.

“People underestimate us but never see the amount of work that we put in every single day. All I have to say is that if we play like we did Friday, if we keep working hard, and getting better then we will see Irmo again,” Julian said.

The Silver Foxes look forward to the upcoming season.

“We just have to keep looking to get better in practice and go into region play with a chip on our shoulder,” senior Patrick Vincent said.

The boys also look forward to seeing Irmo again at regions.

“Just every game from now on needs to have the same intensity and if we play the way we played Irmo no team is beating us.  When we win region this year, hopefully we can carry the same intensity into the playoffs and then we will see Irmo again at State,” Jason said.

With time ticking down in the game, both teams are tied in the last quarter 60-60. Irmo gets the ball, shooting a last minute basket that gives them a three point advantage.

“They had the ball last and they were looking for a shot.  The time was running down and they threw in a lucky shot at the buzzer.  There wasn’t anything we could do about it.  I was so in shock,” Patrick said.

Learning from their mistakes, the Silver Foxes don’t let the loss get to them.

“We have to play every game like we have something to prove because no one is going to hand us a region championship,” Patrick said.  “We have to earn it.”