By Maddie Mason, Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick, Mendy Harris

With the end of the year approaching, seniors have the privilege to enjoy a day to themselves.  Senior field day gives the seniors the opportunity to enjoy a fun day with his or her classmates.

“The benefits of senior field day is that it gives the seniors to have a day where [we] can just celebrate and hang out with our classmates,” senior Samaria Gleaton said.

The day is meant to be a fun and relaxed day for the seniors. Students were able to participate in field activities or just relax on the sidelines.

“We threw water balloons, had different contest and watched a football game,” senior Timara DeVaughn said.

Seniors were not required to go to class, but  if they showed up at senior field day, there a teacher would check their name off giving them an excused absence. However some students who could afford the absence for the day used this as a senior skip day.

“Instead of going to senior field day, I ate breakfast then went to the YMCA to play basketball and swim,” senior Austin Williams said.

Since it was an excused absence for the whole day, students went to the lake afterwards to spend more time together.

“Going to the lake was great because we’re all trying to spend as much time together as possible before we have to split up,” Timara said.

Field day had disadvantages like the weather, seniors not being able to leave early and having to pay for food.

“One of the disadvantages wa the time we were allowed to leave because being outside all day at school gets boring.  There isn’t much to do,” Samaria said.

Austin agrees.

“Senior field day could have been better if they had more things to do such as a bouncy house or have more group things to do,” Austin said.

Some may think differently, but Samaria thinks that changes need to be made for next year.

“To make senior field day better for next year, it could be more prepared and not have the rising seniors think there isn’t going to be a senior field day.” Samaria said. “They would need to make sure that seniors don’t have to pay for things to and also have more activities to do.”