Jacob Sprankle and Josh Imholte

With the beginning of the school year, the nostalgic Friday nights return with their ever so familiar sea of green and silver, the electric sounds of cheering and screaming, and the homey and refreshing atmosphere that is Dutch Fork football.

The Dutch Fork High School Silver Foxes played their first game of the season against the Greenwood High School Eagles. With the success that the team had last year, students hope that their luck will continue.

“I think we are going to have a really good season. Our next game is probably going to be the hardest game of the season, it’s in Texas. But if we are able to play with them, we should be able to play with anyone here. So we should have a pretty good season.”  junior Bryan Singleton said.

The game started like any other game would. Coin toss and kick off. Greenwood received the ball and drove it right up to Dutch Fork’s 27 yard line. But the mighty Silver Foxes managed to hold them there and even push them back to the 30.

Dutch Fork took control of the ball on their own 20 yard line, but Greenwood pushed back, making it third and 14. Dutch Fork punts the ball on fourth down and Greenwood takes control on their own 36.

For the next five minutes of the game, the ball was passed from both teams with no excitement from either. It wasn’t until number five Jeremy Addison intercepted Greenwood’s pass, making it a Dutch Fork first down! But regardless, the Foxes didn’t have long to celebrate. Almost immediately after Dutch Fork intercepted, Greenwood turned right around and intercepted Dutch Fork.

But the Foxes held them, gained two first downs and seven points thanks to Dutch Fork’s prodigal son, number 31 Matt Colburn. Now making the score, Dutch Fork-7 Greenwood-0. But the Foxes weren’t done there. Addison intercepted again and ran it back to the Greenwood four yard line. Colburn scores again making it Dutch Fork -14 Greenwood-0. And that’s just the first quarter.

The second quarter started off with a little disappointment. Dutch Fork tries for a 37-yard field goal attempt by number one, Tyler Bass. Tries and fails. An attempt is missed again when The Foxes go for it on fourth and one but come up short. Greenwood scores but the Foxes come back into the game when number two, Stephen Davis blocks Greenwood’s PAT! Now 14-6. But wait there’s more!

After a 20 yard return and three first downs in a row, Colburn scores with a 47-yard run making the score 21-6 Dutch Fork. Greenwood goes for and scores but Dutch Fork blocks the two-point conversion, making the score at half-time Dutch Fork-21 Greenwood-12.

Dutch Fork came back at the half pumped and ready to go. After the return, Dutch Fork fumbles and Greenwood runs it back and scores. Now 21-19. Greenwood kicks off and number eight, JoMal Aiken, runs the ball for a 75 yard return. Dutch Fork makes it fourth and four, and goes for a field goal attempt. It’s good!

But the Foxes weren’t done. Greenwood turns over the ball and then, number 18, Alec DeBoer scores on a flea flicker, making it 31-19. The last hurrah from the game was by number 26, Bobby Irby. Irby scored a 41 yard touchdown making the score 45-19.

Dutch Fork’s season opener against Greenwood was just one of many hopeful victories of this season. The Silver Foxes not only have the faith and support of the school, with a pep club of over 300 members, but the support of the community. The road to the State Championship begins, and with the next game being all the way in Texas, the question of, “Will Dutch Fork be able to go the distance?” is on everyone’s mind.