Story by: Raleigh Norris, Carina Leaman, Maddie Mason

Watching the clock near noon, there is only one thought on students’ minds: lunch.

The bell rings. Students race to lunch hoping to get a good spot in line so they can quickly eat, but when they get there, they find themselves standing in the middle of the lunch room. It’s absolutely ridiculous

When the lunch bell rings, students are hungry after sitting in classrooms for the first half of the day. Everyone is ready to eat and with the 20 minutes students have for lunch, students don’t have time to waste by standing in long lines waiting for food.

All of the lines are extremely long, but the longest is definitely the pizza line, which is a new addition as of last year. The warm, cheesy pizzas are very delicious, but it just isn’t worth spending 13 minutes of the 20 minute lunch time in a line and then having to stuff your face before the bell rings.

The pizza line, even though it is delicious, isn’t the only line offered by the school. People who waste their time waiting in the pizza line not only lose lunch time but don’t get to eat the other options offered by the school.

The chicken line is one sided but doesn’t have as many student’s lining up for that lunch. The Chinese/salad bar line is double sided but is probably the shortest line. The homestyle line is long but is double sided, helping it not to overflow into the lunchroom.


The pizza box makes it easy to transport your food to the next class, but not all teachers let students eat in their classrooms. Also, the grease from the pizza will go from hands to papers or iPads and just isn’t sanitary.

No one wants a greasy iPad and no teacher wants to grade a paper that has pizza grease splotches on it.

A reason people may get pizza is because it’s easy to get and go. When the bell rings, students can quickly hop in line (if they get there early enough), grab pizza, and go to their next class or to a lunch table.

They don’t have to stand in line with a tray and contemplate on the many options of food to eat. They just have to know what kind of pizza they want, get it, pay for it, and leave.

The pizza lines may be longer than the other lines because it is only one sided. Pizza is the most popular lunch choice, and it would make the line faster if it was double sided like the normal lunch line.

That would also make the cafeteria easy to maneuver because everyone wouldn’t be standing in the way.

All of the lunch lines are pretty long and all have delicious food. The pizza line just happens to be the favorite of Dutch Fork.

The pizza line is a great line for students to grab lunch and has delicious pizza, but shorter lines would make the pizza a lot more appetizing.