Story by: Maddie Mason, Raleigh Norris, and Carina Leaman

From decades day to spirit day, Dutch Fork celebrates the first spirit week of the year.

But a popular day was missing: character day.

Spirit week ranged from Hawaiian day to America day this year. Even though it seemed easier to dress up for these days,  it wasn’t as fun as character day.

Last year the school hosted Character Day, a favorite among students. Students and teachers alike dress up as their favorite character from a book, movie, show, etc. Character day is a favorite among the students and allows more creativity.

But this popular school day was oddly missing from the lineup.

Character day was scrapped due to the dress code. Students are not allowed to wear masks, hats, or anything that can cover your face to school for our safety.

In order to have a “character” day, student council would have to be more specific about what kinds of characters students can dress up as, such as Disney day.

Dress code is an important rule to enforce in school, but administrators should be more understanding of spirit week so more exciting days like character day can be allowed.

Spirit week should be a week that everyone should participate in, but more vague days–such as tacky day or hawaiian day–may leave students struggling for inspiration. If the school decided to have character day, it would have been easy for students and teachers to dress up, especially if they already know exactly who their favorite character is.

Students should have more say in what days are approved for Spirit Week.

Spirit week is supposed to be one of the best weeks during the year, so students should be able to vote on what days they would like to see during that week.

These days would still need administrative approval, of course, but there should be a common understanding throughout the student body that dress code should be followed.

There’s as much of an issue with dress code on a normal day as there is during spirit week.

Even though there should be new themes every year, some of them should be repeated, like the most popular twin day or character day. These have seemed to be two of the most participated days throughout the years.

So sure, school rules should be followed. Nobody can walk into school in a skimpy halloween costume, or with a Scream mask over their face.

But students should be able to have fun too.