Review by: Maddie Mason

Beach Buggy Racing is an app where the player gets to race other people and go through obstacles to win the race.

This simple game, even though it can be complicated for some, it is just basic racing with a twist to it and it is really easy to figure out how to play.

This app is understandably the top app in the Apple app store; it is super fun and a little bit addictive.

To drive, the player does not have to do anything to start the race; it starts, and the car automatically starts moving. Players only need to move the device in either direction to move left and right, and to break or stop the player just has to touch the screen.

Similar to a Mario Kart game, it has power ups that you drive into and get a prize, such as a shield or a rocket. It can be aggravating though because unless you have a certain amount of jewels, some of the power ups are not able to be used.

The player can also upgrade their cars and race on 12 different tracks, which is interesting because the player can change their appearance.

The game is suitable for all ages: it is family friendly and anybody could figure out how to play it.

Even though it could be stressful and annoying at times, it is definitely recommended to anybody who enjoys games, racing, or just need a fun game to play.