By Abby Beauregard, Josh Imholte, and Jacob Sprankle

Home games have always been a refreshing sight.

Just imagine, you’re sitting there with your best friends, dressed in garb for that game’s theme, cheering on Matthew Colburn as he scores yet another touchdown. Miss that? Well guess what. It’s back!

Dutch Fork held its first home game of the season last Friday against the Boiling Springs Bulldogs and won 60-24. With the success of the game, students hope for another championship season as exciting and deserving as last year’s.

“I thought we did really well for our first home game. We were on top of the game from kickoff. I think that if we keep this up, we could be champs again.” sophomore Jakob Beane said.

The game was amped from the second the ball was kicked off. Just in the first quarter, Dutch Fork was already leading 37-0. Boiling Springs barely had control of the pigskin for that first twelve minutes.

“We were amazing Friday night! From the parents to the student section to the players themselves! I can’t wait to see what our boys are gonna do when the season gets going.” junior Ashley Dye said.

When he realized that we were running up the score, the genius that is Tom Knotts put in the second string players. Those boys held them for a while but the Bulldogs didn’t score until the second quarter with a fifteen yard pass from the quarterback, Daniel Thompson, to the receiver Jason Hill. They got the six and the two-point conversion. But the Foxes said no. BOOM! Tyler Bass puts it right through the goal post making it 40-8.

“Friday’s game was really cool. We were really great and I thought we were gonna break a hundred but Knotts put in the second string and we just fell apart but at least we won!” senior Lexie Temple said.

Both the third and fourth quarters were dominated by Matt Colburn, with 115 yards rushing and four touchdowns and Tyler Bass, who made eight of the nine field goals and who averaged 651 kick-off yards and eight touch backs.

The first home game was the beginning of a season, the beginning of an era, and the beginning of some of the best times as students. The all-too-familiar staples that are friends, fun, and football are back and here to stay. At least until the season’s over.

“The game was awesome! I thought everything about it was awesome! This is my first year in the Dutch Fork area and I’ve never seen a team with this much talent,“ freshman Kendall Stoutenburg said. ‘I really can’t wait to see how the rest of the season will go.”