Story by Robin Hendricks, Rebekah Street and Anna Maria Gardiner

For the first time in Dutch Fork history, mascot Foxy decides to shake it up.

6,000 dollars and over a year of planning, fundraising and designing. That’s what it took to get Foxy its new costume.

“We needed a new mascot because the other one was getting a little old and this new one has a modern twist to it,” freshman A’Jahlaya Carter said.

Not everyone feels this way, though. Senior Courtney Brown disagrees.

“I think that the last foxy was fine, and there wasn’t really anything wrong with it,” Courtney said, “So it wasn’t really necessary to spend money on the new one.”

While the former Foxy costume appeared to be in ship-shape, Foxy’s mother can attest that is not true.

“It wasn’t a matter of why we thought we needed one, it was a matter of we had to have one,” Foxy’s mother said. “The old one was falling apart. We were duct-taping the shoes together. It was extremely old and it needed an uplift.”

One of the reasons the costume was so expensive is that silver foxes are not common mascots. There is no template to go off of when designing one and there are not any ready-made from a factory.

“I do not think it was necessary because there was nothing really wrong with the old Foxy. I think that if they really wanted a new one,” sophomore Avery Stephens said, “They should have just gotten the same mascot again. It would be the same, just newer and nicer.”

Foxy’s mother said Foxy can see better out of the current costume since the head is smaller in the new design, whereas he couldn’t see very well out of the old one.

Students like sophomore Katherine Epting feel that there are certain areas of the school that require money more than a new mascot costume.

“I think the money could have been used for other things. I know Chapin recently got a new scoreboard that’s really nice,” Katherine said. “It would be cool to have something like that rather than getting a new mascot that wasn’t exactly necessary.”

Not all the money for the new costume came from the school, though.

While the Dutch Fork athletic department provided about 3,000 dollars of the 6,000 dollar costume, other money was raised by Foxy and his friends through Sonic cards and sponsorships. The school’s pep club and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) gave money as well.

Foxy also helps raise money for the school too. In the past, he has helped Dutch Fork’s art department, swim club and cheerleading squad raise money for their projects.

“He’s very involved in the school and the community service, especially the special olympics and you know with the children that we have at our school. He [is] also big with the [basketball] team most of the time,” Foxy’s mother said. “A lot of people think he is just for  football which is kind of not true. He really does represent the school and this community in all aspects.”