Review by: Raleigh Norris

Another month, another update.

Last year, all the talk and excitement was about iOS 7. This year it’s about iOS 8, but this change isn’t quite as exciting.

There aren’t too many differences between iOS 7 and iOS 8. “Health” and “Tips” are two new apps; recent contacts show up when you double click the home button; and Siri now has Spotify.

But the novelty of something new is too much for people to resist the 5GB upgrade. Photos and music can kiss their homes goodbye as iPhone owners delete anything and everything to update their phone.

Meanwhile, simply plugging your phone into iTunes while updating only takes 1GB.

iOS 8 seems to be biased towards the type of iPhone you have, too. If you update it on an iPad or a iPhone 5, it seems to work really well with no major problems. If you update on an iPhone 4, it runs slower than before.

A lot of people are having problems with iOS 8 deleting apps as well. A few people have had FaceTime deleted or the Apple Store deleted and are not able to retrieve them.

If you have an iPhone and can’t wait for the bugs and space problems to be fixed, then go ahead and update to iOS 8. But if you can survive a few months or so of staring at the old design, the bug fixes will be worth the wait.