By Josh Imholte, Jacob Sprankle, and Abby Beauregard

Every athlete in every sport works hard. From football to swimming, baseball to track. Each brings joy and excitement to the millions of fans they shed their light on.

At Dutch Fork, football is fall sport that dominates the season. But they’re other sports at Dutch Fork that work just as hard as the football team does.

The Dutch Fork Girls volleyball team hopes to score major points as they spike their season over the net and win the game.

“Our girls are 4-2. They did very well at the White Knoll tournament [they went to this weekend],” Head Coach Sylvia Golston said, “This year we are in a new region, along with Blythewood [and] Lugoff Elgin is our competition this year.”

The success of the the team so far has been achieved through leadership, trust and focus that seems to be a staple of the team as a whole.

“Our focus this year is on leadership. With this big of a program, it was a fun thing to do, but now they know the serious part of that sport,” Golston said.

Golston, an assistant coach to the State Championship winning girls basketball team, is a change the girls are going to  have to get used to this season.

“I think the Coach Golston will help us out because she’s very advanced and has a better knowledge of higher level plays,” junior setter Anna Marie McDowell said.

The girls are also currently trying to adjust to the new dynamic of the team, with the influx of new members and the loss of last years seniors.

“We have a ton of really good freshmen on JV and some middle schoolers on JV, but we lost a lot of key players last year that really helped the team out with leadership,” Anna said.

However, the new players give the program an opportunity to build the program from the ground up, and hopefully create a team full of powerhouse players.

“We’re starting from the ground up teaching the girls fundamental skills on a college level to see how many are interested in going to the next level of playing 2 years D1, D2, or D3,” Golston said.

In addition to Golston’s hard work, the girls are putting their blood, sweat, and tears into this team.

“We’re making strides and getting better by having more intense practices six days a week and learning harder skills.”  Anna said.

Both the girls and Golston are hope their hard work will play off this year.

“Hopefully next year, we should be in the seat of region title and also a state title.” Golston said.

However the team knows that sometimes hard work isn’t enough and the fate of their season all depends on their focus and ability to act as a team.

“I think our strongest asset is our team bond and ability to keep each other motivated to get better.” Anna said.

Both the girls and Golston know they need to get into the mindset of being one team, and that that’s what will make them ultimately successful.

“Team concept, role models, leadership, being able to be as one team and not all about one person,” Golston said. “Being able to depend on each other as a team, that’s what makes girls go to the next level and state championships.”