Story by: Raleigh Norris & Maddie Mason

The sweat stained, hair filled mascot costume is being retired after a 16 year long career.

This year, Foxy gets a new face to the name. His whole appearance has been overhauled, from fur color to his jersey.

Before the new costume, Foxy couldn’t see well through the eyes. The mask restricted his vision almost completely, and the see-through lens was cloudy.

Now the eyes are wider and clean, giving Foxy a better view while he is in costume. There won’t be the lingering fear that young kids posing for photos will be accidentally trampled.

The former mascot was in use for 16 years, so, of course he was going to get old; he was already well on his way to disintegrating mid-game. Once his feet had to start being duct-taped, it was obvious that it was time for a new costume.

Since the costume is brand new, it’s also cleaner and smells better than the old costume. There aren’t any more ghosts-of-Foxies-past living in the fabric.

Foxy’s new look makes him look stronger and more intense than before. They used different fabrics and made his head smaller so he could see around him.

The new Foxy costume not only looks newer, but is cleaner too since the other mascot was so old.

The new Foxy makes the school stand out with our new, clean mascot. Foxy also looks stronger and more intimidating than the old foxy, who looked sweet and cute.

The Foxy costume is very different from the old costume, but is very nice and professional.

The new Foxy costume cost the school $6,000, but it was much needed and gave Foxy a brand new look.

It definitely took some time to raise the money, but in the end, it was all worth it. Maybe this new edition of Foxy should have a much shorter life, so duct-taped feet can be avoided.