Story by: Becca Spilka, Lacee Getter, Hayley Younginer

The scrumptious smell of fried food and the laughing screams of everyone ages five to seventy-five can only mean one thing: the South Carolina State Fair is back in action.

For a week and a half people from all over the state come to visit and share in the excitement of the state fair, including many students from Dutch Fork. And what does anyone and everyone love most about the fair? The food, of course.

“The most exciting thing at the fair by far is the food,” senior Rose Steptoe said. “I fast beforehand, so I can try to eat literally as much as possible while I’m there. It’s just fried deliciousness.”

The State Fair includes a smorgasbord of different types of food: candy apples, pizza, funnel cakes, turkey legs, doughnut burgers, ice cream, french fries. The list goes on and on.

But everyone has their favorite fair food treat. For some, it’s the elephant ear, deep-fried and smothered in chocolate and powdered sugar. For others, it’s the mile-long corn dogs topped with a large helping of mustard and ketchup.

“My favorite fair food would have to be the candy apples because I just really enjoy an apple,” junior Kevin Gagnon said.

The food, however, is only a portion of the excitement that the fair brings. The old and creaky but always thrilling rides offer a whole different kind of buzz.

“The most exciting thing about the fair was the rides because they are extremely fun,” Kevin said. “My favorite ride is the Zipper because it spins in two directions which got me very confused and dizzy.”

For others, however, the old and rickety nature of the rides can instill a little bit more fear than excitement.

“I just went on one ride that went upside down, and I thought I was gonna die because the rides creak so much,” junior Sarah Hudson said.

Other than the typical rides and food, students find many other ways to entertain themselves in their time spent at the fair.  For example, the fair happens to be a popular place for people-watching.

“The people at the fair are really exciting because they’re always weird and just fun to watch,” Sarah said.

Many students also like to visit the art and agriculture building to support students who entered work in the student art as well as local businesses and farmers that have products on sale.

“I always make sure to check out the student art at the fair because my friends usually have a piece on display,” Rose said. “I also always go by the agriculture building to buy the local honey sticks or fudge.”

Regardless of a students purpose for visiting the fair, it’s widely agreed that the state fair is essential in bringing the state closer together. It unites the community of South Carolina in a positive way by showcasing what different parts of the state have to offer.

“The fair has such a positive effect on the state because it just brings so much excitement,” senior Tiffany Leslie said.