Story by: Robin Hendricks, Anna Maria Gardiner and Rebekah Street

Black rimmed glasses, camo jackets, polo shirts and cowboy hats fill halls and classrooms this week in anticipation of Friday night’s upcoming Homecoming game against Ridgeview.

The students of Dutch Fork recently participated in this year’s second spirit week.

“During spirit week,” junior Jada Martin said, “everyone is involved in order to get pumped for the next game and we all come together as one big family.”

The theme days student council chose included geek day, country or country club day, wild west day, neon day and, of course, the traditional Friday spirit day.

On certain days like geek day and wild west day, it was easy to tell who was participating and who was not, but that was not necessarily the case on all the others.

“I thought geek day was the most interesting because it was funny seeing everyone dressed up as nerds,” Jada said. “The most boring day was neon day because everyone just had on normal clothes and we just used that same theme for the last football game.”

Though some days like geek day were hits, students did not appreciate some of the other days quite as much.

“What the crap! Yeah, because I got neon laying around,” senior Justin Carpenter said somewhat sarcastically. “You know just let me get my neon lights out of the back of my car because I always got that.”

English teacher Sara Biltz said she thinks that spirit days should not be too complicated so more students would want to participate in them.

“I know that if you get too complicated kids won’t do it because it takes too much to get involved. It takes too much to come up with a costume,” Biltz said, “but I don’t know, I liked the dress like an administrator or dress like an adult or something, whatever we called it.”

This spirit week presented new costume days Dutch Fork has not yet before seen, like country and country club day and geek day.

But some students are still a fan of the classics.

“[I liked] pajama day because the fact I didn’t have to get dressed in the morning. You know how early it is for most teenagers trying to get dressed?” Justin said. “Well then again, technically my pajamas, I found out, are against school policy, so even if I came to school in my pajamas, they’d make me change.”

Dress code is an issue that is considered when deciding what days will be a part of an upcoming spirit week.

Worries of dress code violations and the use of masks has stopped character day from being allowed into spirit week, though students have enjoyed it in the past.

“[I would like] a character day, or like a pajama day…because it’s a lot of fun,” sophomore Erica Schmidt said. “It can show people’s creativity when it comes to dressing up like characters.”

The costume days this past spirit week certainly did their job because Dutch Fork beat Ridgeview High School Friday night and was victorious for the night of Homecoming.