Opinion By Rebekah Street

Colorful leaves, scarecrows, sweaters, pumpkin spice…these are just a few things that define the autumn season. But there is one other thing that springs to everyones’ mind in October: Halloween.

Granted, most people stop trick-or-treating after the age of 12, but does that mean that the fun of Halloween has to stop?

Absolutely not.

Halloween is one of those holidays that are all about having fun. And since Halloween falls on a Friday this year, why not come to school in your costume?

Yes, obviously, there will be some unfortunate students who cannot participate in this, due to the school’s dress code (that would be the girls who thought it was cute to be a scantily clad kitty cat or nurse).

But there are plenty of costumes that adhere to the rules. Those students should be able to have an enjoyable Friday being whoever they wish to be for a day.

As long as everyone does not magically forget that the school, does in fact, have a dress code, then dressing up for Halloween would just be another less dreadful day for students.

Even some of the teachers would have an enjoyable time observing what their students dressed up as, and some of the teachers would even take advantage of the opportunity.

Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite teacher dressed up as a banana, or a zombie or a witch?

So, yes, while there are some kids who shouldn’t wear their costumes to school–or in public at all, really–for the ones who can, it would be a chance to make a Friday even more exciting and an opportunity for students to be creative.