Brett Winters races down the field with the ball at his feet.
Brett Winters races down the field with the ball at his feet.

By Becca Spilka, Eddie Bates, and Josh Imholte

It started as an idea, “Why can’t we do that?” After watching the world cup, that was the question senior Nathan Forrester found himself asking. So he got on the phone and talked to everyone he could think of, asking them one question: “Hey, do you want to play soccer?”

Although it started as just playing soccer in the park, it soon became something more. It was the start of The Redwood Wombats, a group of students that have decided to take their love of soccer and form their own team.

“We started [The Wombats] because we wanted something to do where we could get a lot of friends together,” senior Kyle Cannon said.

Between the two of them, Kyle and Nathan got the team ready to go in no time.

“I just called a bunch of people up,” Nathan said. “We got about 15 people to commit in one day.”

Despite not being highly publicized around the school, the Wombats have still built their own fan base.

“I like going to the games because they are so fun!” senior Josh Bristow said. “Every single person on that team is my friend, and I really enjoy going to cheer them on as they kick butt.”

Senior Cami Munoz is also a frequent spectator of the weekly Saturday afternoon games.

“I enjoy attending the games because I like watching soccer, and it’s really fun to watch your friends play,” Cami said.

One setback that arises with having a student run team is the lack of a voice of experience, a good coach. The Wombats, however, have accepted their situation and found their own solution. Senior Brett Winters has taken on the role of The Wombat’s coach.

“We all look up to Brett,” Kyle said. “He’s very motivational. He’s the only one who’s been there the whole time and knows what he’s doing.”

Senior Hannah Liner agrees with Brett’s importance to the team.

“[Brett acts as the team captain] because he knows how to calm everyone down and he knows what to say to get the team motivated,” Hannah said.

The student run Wombats team has performed well in their league. They currently have a record of 4-1, being handed their first loss to a last second goal. However, the team refuses to slow down. Kyle quotes Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights saying, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”

“We are all skilled in our own strengths,” Hannah said. “We pull it all together and play hard to win.”