Student section shows support by attending the football games weekly.
Student section shows support by attending the football games weekly.

By: Robin Hendricks, Lacee Getter,  and Maddie Mason

In a tight race, Dutch Fork surpasses Lexington in a WLTX hosted poll, crowning Dutch Fork with the best 4A student section.

“Our student section and pep club go above and beyond,” junior Kaelyn Minick said. “We’re always dressed up for our themes and we’re always loud and have a lot of spirit at the games.”

The title of best student section was a close call. The final day of the poll was hectic as the lead jockeyed back and forth between Dutch Fork and Lexington.

The final score was 54,058–53,861, but just after the final votes were recorded at noon Oct. 31, Lexington came back with a vengeance.

“I do [think Lexington deserved to tie with Dutch Fork] because they weren’t that far behind us with votes,” Kaelyn said, “but I haven’t really heard anything about Lexington having a good student section until this vote.”

According to WLTX, the poll was still up and running on the website for about five minutes after the final score was tallied at noon. During that time, 2,739 votes were cast and Lexington took the lead once again.

Though the poll technically ended in Lexington’s favor–the massive number of postmortem votes possibly because of a final hope for a fluke in the system–Dutch Fork’s punctuality won out and was awarded the title of best 4A student section.

Because of the constant back and forth of the votes and the amount of Lexington votes after the poll closed was meant to close, WLTX recognized both schools on their website story on the subject.

“I think that it’s really exciting to know that our school is number one with the best student section,” senior Emani Friday said. “It feels great to know that it’s our school coming out to support and going above and beyond to show school spirit.”

There were seven other schools competing for the 4A division title including River Bluff, White Knoll and Irmo.

Earlier in the race on Oct. 29, River Bluff was at about 18% in the polls with Dutch Fork and Lexington neck and neck at about 34%.

When the poll ended though, River Bluff remained in third place, but at a much lower percentage–7%, while the other two leading schools finished at about 44% each, according to WLTX.

“I think we won because we show great school spirit, we always dress up and we always attend the games,” Emani said. “We have our chants which are great, and there is never a dry moment at a DF football game. It stays live with lots of energy to keep you going.”

No matter the close call, Dutch Fork students demonstrated their tenacity and belief in their school with constant voting that eventually won the title and more importantly proved that #DFNATION was not just a hashtag.

“We go to all the away games, have meetings about what the theme will be, carpool, and [decide] what to bring to tailgate,” Kaelyn said. “Dutch Fork is more than a school, we’re a family.”