By Maddie Mason, Lacee Getter, and Robin Hendricks

All-nighters, long study guides and lots of caffeine can only mean one thing: midterm exams.

Whether students are ready or not, the midterms are on their way. Some do not even feel like they have learned enough to be prepared enough for the exam.

“I’m kinda scared because in a lot of my classes, I feel like I haven’t learned that much,” senior Morgan Ames said.

Even though midterms are one of the most dreaded times of the year, they are useful to teachers and sometimes students, too.

“I think [midterms] are useful. I think it’s a good way to gauge what we’ve learned so far and how far we need to go for the rest of the year,” english teacher Megan Estes said.

Some feel one class’ exam will be harder than others, causing them to study more for a certain class.

“I’m most worried about ELA (English 1). It’s not my class so I have some struggles in it,” freshman Kidre Diggs said.

Students use different methods to prepare them for the exams.

“I keep all my notes from all my classes all the way back from the beginning of the year, so I’m just going back.” sophomore Autumn Franklin said. “I’m starting with my very first notes I’ve taken and I’m just going back and looking at those, trying to recap what I’ve learned already.”

Not only do the students prepare themselves, but the teachers do as well.

“I talk to other teachers that teach English 1 and we pull some questions together, talk about what we want to cover and what we don’t want to cover. We do a lot of teamwork and collaboration to prepare,” Estes said.

There are many ways to study, but every student studies differently. Instead of just reading the textbook and study guide word to word, some get creative with their study habits.

“I read over study guides and hand-written notes, but I like flashcards because I think those work really [well],” Morgan said.

Even though studying mainly takes place at school, students have certain times that they like to study.

“I study a lot at night, because I’m winding down and more relaxed, I guess. And I can focus better,” Morgan said.

With the midterms coming up sooner than later, it is important for students to take them seriously.

“Take [midterms] seriously and review everything your teacher gives you.” Estes said. “Right after you take [midterms], you have a break and then you can relax.”