By Lacee Getter, Robin Hendricks, and Maddie Mason

Sponsored by math teacher David Kennedy, Earth Club promotes recycling by implementing new recycling bins in the school.

“I have not seen the new recycling bins,” junior Dallas Zuniga said. “But I think they will have a positive influence because it will make people recycle more to help the environment.”

Members of the Earth Club and other recycling volunteers took time out of their schedules to perform the not-so-easy task of building the new and improved recycling bins.

The new bins are bright green with labels indicating the proper designations for certain recycling materials.

“To make one [recycling bin], it was probably about thirty or forty minutes,” senior

Olivia Reszczynski said. “We took the form and the general form of the plastic cardboard box and we bent it and then added screws into the holes.”

Earth Club created new bins because there was a shortage of bins around the school.

“[We got more recycling bins] because there is a need for recycling bins around the school,” Olivia said. “Places like the stadium, cafeteria are where a lot of bottles are being thrown away when they can be recycled.”

Earth Club is in charge of the organization of recycling at the school. They’re always thinking of new ideas to help the earth and community.

“We sometimes sort through recycling, collect recycling. We’re thinking about starting a compost movement,” senior Brittany Boone said. “We would collect uneaten food in the cafeteria and use it to make a compost bin.”

Some students believe that recycling is important.

“Recycling is important because it reuses material and keeps the earth healthy,” Dallas said.

Earth Club wants to spread awareness about recycling to students and faculty.

“Just recycle more,” Olivia said, “and be more aware of your choices at home and at school.”