by Abby Beauregard, Raleigh Norris, Lacee Getter

The cast for the district wide production of Grease was released Tuesday, putting an end to the nervous jitters of all who auditioned.

“I thought the [auditions] went really well. There were a lot of talented people there and there were some really tough casting decisions,” theater teacher Jessica Fichter said.

Fichter directed the district’s production of  Aida last year and is producing this year’s musical. She was in charge of this year’s audition, along with the production’s director Lyle Brown and Chorus Director Josh Wall.

“The auditions were quite the feat. The students had to prepare for about a minute and a half of music; they either brought sheet music or a backup track and sang that. There was a dance portion, as well as a cold reading of the show during the audition process,” Wall said.

A wide variety of students from across the district auditioned for the production, and the cast hopes that diversity will help them thrive.

“I’m really looking forward to [working together]. I think it’s going to work out really well considering all the talent we have,” junior Eliza McLeod said.

The process of coming together and making new friends is almost as alluring as the production itself.

“It’s going to be great in that having all the talent from different schools come together,” junior Hailee Beltzhoover said.

The cast includes dancers, actors and singers both new and experienced from departments across the district.

“I think it’s going to be interesting because we have a lot of new students that haven’t done the district music before and a lot of students with experience. I think that it will be a good learning experience for all of them,” Fichter said.

All the cast members and production staff are excited to get to work together to create an ensemble that the audience will never forget.

“I think it will be a very good production and for anyone who doesn’t come to see it it will be a loss because they will greatly miss out,” Wall said.

With the final shows accounting for such a small portion of the time spent on the production, the cast knows they have to make it count.

“My hope is the students have the positive experience, that they have the opportunity to work with other students from the district and build relationships, and that we put on a quality production that the audience enjoys,” Fichter said.

The district musical requires hard work, cooperation, and dedication from all involved to make the musical come to life.

“Everyone’s going to work hard because it’s going to be a hard production to be on,” Hailee said, “but I think it’s going come together really well at the end.”