Opinion by Becca Spilka

When the Clemson Tiger football players make their descent down “the Hill” and onto the field of Memorial Stadium, past thousands of die-hard tiger fans screaming with excitement, we witness what has been called “The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football.”

According to Business Insider, this almost religious experience earns Clemson University the title of the most fun college in America. Students may enter Clemson indifferent to the concept of school spirit, but they leave bleeding orange and purple for the rest of their lives.

But pep isn’t the only upside to attending Clemson. Academically speaking, Clemson is typically ranked the number one public university in the state. Clemson’s incoming freshmen ACT scores ranked in the top ten among public universities in the nation.

Beyond about a “B+” gpa and approximately a 1700 on the SAT or a 23 on the ACT, Clemson takes many other aspects of a an application into consideration in the acceptance process. The rigor of high school courses can influence their final decision, or if a student is highly involved in extracurricular activities, they are more likely to secure a spot.

Legacy status, having family members who previously attended the university, can also be a major deciding factor. Additionally, the Clemson application allows a space for optional personal comments to students to express themselves in ways that the application did not permit and their eagerness to attend Clemson. This allows the community at Clemson to be made up of both a diverse and intelligent group of students.

Additionally, Clemson is determined to accommodate to their students needs. The R.M. Cooper Library stays open 24 hours a day, five days a week with the addition of weekend hours, allowing students a place to study and work any time they need. They also offer transportation such as the Cat Bus and Tiger Transit, so students and faculty can safely and efficiently travel around campus. According to College Board, 97 percent of freshmen with need receive financial aid.

Clemson also offers countless opportunities for students with any range of interests. This extends to all kinds of extracurriculars, including a very active Greek life and every club from the American Sign Language Club to student government to the Bagpipe and Drum Club. On top of this, Clemson is also ranked second in student involvement in intramural sports by the 2015 Princeton Review.

As if the countless opportunities and experiences weren’t enough, the Clemson atmosphere is neighborly, and the campus is beautiful. Who needs to be planted in the middle of downtown Columbia, when you could have cute little downtown Clemson with so many quaint restaurants and charming stores filled with tiger themed paraphernalia?

Clemson is also ranked as the fourth friendliest college in the nation, filled with students who are supportive and approachable and just generally care for their fellow classmates. Students who choose to attend Clemson will be welcomed by a warm community and countless opportunities to enrich their future.