by Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick, Maddie Mason, Eddie Bates

The pulling back of the curtain, the cue of the lights and the roar of the audience marks the start of a nearly forgotten tradition, the Mr. Silver Fox pageant. Having been cancelled for the past two years, the show was revived this year by the student council.

“Since we didn’t have a Mr. Silver Fox competition last year, student council didn’t charge for admission in order to encourage people to attend and to generate excitement,” junior Jesse Tompkins said.

Mr. Silver Fox consists of four stages: the opening dance where the males are judged on personality, casual wear, a talent show, and the last stage, formal wear.

“The talent portion was my definitely my favorite because I performed the step-team routine that I learned in middle school with my friend Jordan Beatson.  The crowd really loved it,” Jessie said.  “I always enjoy making other people laugh, and Mr. Silver Fox gave me the opportunity to just let loose and have some fun.”

Previous Ms. Silver Fox winner senior Madison Campanella, agrees saying the talent part was her favorite and she enjoyed seeing the guys put themselves out there and show the audience their personality in a different light.

Glenn Niles III, crowned Mr. Senior, says that he was happy to get the opportunity to be seen by his peers in a new way.

“This is an opportunity to show your talent and what makes you unique even if your talent is singing horribly or playing a beautiful musical piece.  It’s your opportunity to be seen in a different light by your peers and family,” Glenn said.

Student Council revived Mr. Silver Fox after two years.  With no admission fee, they hoped to generate excitement about the event.  The show was successful with a turnout of 200 people in attendance.

“Mr. Silver Fox is a tradition that needs to live on at Dutch Fork.  A lot of people are afraid to embarrass themselves on stage, but making lasting memories requires you to come out of your shell a little bit,” Jesse said.  “I encourage all guys to participate in Mr. Silver Fox because it provides an outlet to just be goofy and make some fun memories.

Student council sponsor William Robinson agrees and looks forward to the upcoming years.

“I was very impressed with [Mr. Silver Fox].  In the past it was funny and silly, which is fine, but this time it was serious and overall I was impressed,” Robinson said.

Since Mr. Silver Fox had such a great turn-out, student council thinks of new ways to involve the school and community next year.

“The event was really successful this year, so I definitely think it’s a good idea to charge money in the future to raise money for charity,” Jesse said. “Mr. Silver Fox has the potential to be an event that benefits both the school and community.”

Jesse ended up taking away the title of Mr. Silver Fox at the end of the night.

“It is definitely an honor to be named Mr. Silver Fox,” Jesse said. “I was able to get to know a lot of great guys and have a lot of fun at the same time, Mr. Silver Fox is a high school experience that I will always remember.”