by Maddie Mason, Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick, Eddie Bates

From freshman to senior year, countless memories are created throughout high school.  Dutch Fork offers many opportunities which enhance the high school experience for its students.

“The one memory I will take away from high school is the Friday night football games,” senior Briana Barney said. “Coming to the games in different themes and seeing my classmates out on the field pouring their hearts out for us for a victory win is just an awesome experience I will miss.”

Unbreakable bonds are shared between teachers and students that create unforgettable memories.

“My craziest class moment of all time has to be when Ms. Ragan made me do Zumba in front of the whole class because I fell asleep,” senior Kendall Eaddy said.

Teachers not only make memorable moments with students but also create a path for students in life beyond high school.

“My teachers taught me real life lessons.  Being on time for class is the equivalent to being on time for work.  Learning what your real priorities are when you go to college or when you get your first apartment or how saving money is crucial,” Briana said.


Dutch Fork offers rigorous classes that prepare students for what lies beyond high school. “People have told me that they go to college and their first year is easy,” junior Jesse Tompkins said. “So I feel like Dutch Fork is doing an excellent job preparing us for college.”

Teachers make differences in the lives of students every day.

“[Ms. Ragan] has made such a difference with her students in just two years of being at Dutch Fork,” Briana said. “I am blessed to have met such a teacher like her in my junior year. I needed someone to stop me in my tracks and turn me in a new positive direction.”

Guidance secretary Katherine Turnage says everyone who is involved with the Dutch Fork community helps to make it great.

“The parents, the students, they’re also involved with the community, we have a great staff, they’re academically competitive and all around everyone’s just great,” Turnage said.

The variety of clubs at the school offers students ways to improve on skills such as leadership and community involvement.

“I’ve taken student council which I think is a great opportunity Dutch Fork offers. It’s more than a class. Its a way of learning leadership skills while benefitting the community,” Jesse said.

But, just as there are clubs that focus on growth leadership abilities, there are also clubs that create bonds that will last a life time.

“The biggest memory I would take away from high school is being apart of The Dazzlers dance team my last two years here.  It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve made a lot of friends, we’re a family.” senior Nesha Frierson said. “We’ve been on countless adventures together like going to a capital bowl game in Florida to performing at City Walk in California.  I love them so much and will miss them when I graduate.”

Though everyone will take away something from high school, it is still not over for everyone. Senior Andrew Dunlap leaves behind advice for those with memories still to be made.

“[High school] has been a roller coaster ride. I learned not to take things for granted.  You truly work hard for something you want and sacrifices must be made,” Andrew said. “But in the end it prepared me for who I want to be.”