Senior Matthew Colburn signs to play college football at Wake Forest.
Senior Matthew Colburn signs to play college football at Wake Forest.

column by Carina Leaman

Dear Head Coach of the University of Louisville,

I get it.

Three of your players have been labeled eligible for the NFL draft, making you reevaluate the priorities of the team.

It’s not fair that the draft is only released in January, a few weeks before National Signing Day for high school senior athletes across the nation. It doesn’t give you a lot of time to figure out what positions need to be replaced for the upcoming season.

But if you recruit an athlete, knowing full well that he has been committed to your university for months, you’d better uphold your end of the bargain.

Matthew Colburn, Dutch Fork’s starting running back, committed to your university in June, before his senior year. There were no hesitations from your staff, no hiccups in the road. Just a senior and his excitement to experience college life.

Throwing him under the bus two days before National Signing Day? That’s a hit way below the belt.

There was no talk of greyshirting during those eight months. Everyone was under the impression that Matt would join the team at the normal pace–not wait until his second semester to start playing.

You’ve left him on the side of the road.

Matthew Colburn is not a low-level athlete. This is a player with 5,438 rushing yards, 734 carries, and 90 touchdowns.

But because your team needs a new defensive back, you’ve decided that Mr. Football will have to look for a college elsewhere.

Well, congratulations. I’m sure this decision won’t backfire with any bad press. It’s not like you’re tossing away an entire school with the top football player in South Carolina. And I can’t imagine any other high school players will look at your treatment of Matthew and scratch your name off their list.


A very disgruntled high school state