story by Jamie Gilbert-Fitzpatrick and Maddie Mason

Harmonies and melodies reverberate throughout the commons as performers sing and play instruments.  Last Wednesday, Music Club held it first annual Open Mic Night which was a success.

“It went really well, I’ve had several people come up to me and tell me that they thoroughly enjoyed it and that they want to come to it again and if we had it next month that they would show up and get more people to sign up,” senior Paisley Suttlemyre said.

Open Mic Night provides an outlet for artists to showcase their talent whether it’s singing, rapping or playing an instrument.

“[Open Mic Night] brought other talented, musical people together. People who are afraid to come out and show their talent probably came and performed because there is a smaller crowd so it’s less scary to do it.” senior Drew Colter said. “So it brought together all the unknown people that have not shown what their true potential was, and they showed it here,”

Sophomore Candis Sowell agrees with Drew, saying that ‘there were a lot of great performances’.

“It brought a lot of musicians together to sing and do what we love together in front of other people. It is like full of good vibes and everybody gets to showcase their talents and everybody gets to see it,” Candis said.

Not only did people from the general population perform, but members of Music Club performed.  Drew sang a duet with Candis.

“[I was feeling] nervous. Very nerveracking. I was not sure how it would sound because we did not practice beforehand,” Drew said. “The instruments or the mics could have messed up in the middle of the song but after all it was pretty good.”

Performing for the first time in front of a crowd, Candis Sowell had fun and thought it went well.

“I really wanted to come out of my comfort zone with singing. I usually just sing in chorus and I usually play instruments, but I actually wanted to sing in front of people so Open Mic Night was the perfect opportunity to do so,” Candis said.

With a great turnout and some money raised, Music Club hopes for more Open Mic Nights in the future.

“Mic night every month! Maybe have some famous people in our area come and perform as a guest star. Hopefully it will get big enough to move it into the auditorium and have people watch from in there,” Drew said.

Candis agrees, looking forward to the future with everyone’s interest in mind.

“I want to do more of these! It is really fun and there is so much support and we had a great crowd and we had a wonderful time,” Candis said.  “[Music Club] wanted to do something for all people to be included in. Almost everyone loves music.”