story by Rebekah Street and Maddie Mason

The dancers of District 5 come together on Dance Day to get their grooves on while also racking up cans for the Harvest Hope organization.

According to junior Hannah Howell, District Five Dance Day is when all the schools in the district come to the school and divide into intermediate and intermediate advanced classes, and take different types of classes from different teachers.

Dance Day provides dancers the opportunity to meet with other students who share the same passion for dance.

“I think it’s cool the whole district can come together and dance because we get to make new friends and we get to learn new styles of dance we didn’t get to learn before,” Chapin High School sophomore dancer Kiersten Lynn said.

The students learn new styles of dance from diverse and interesting cultures, such as jazz and african styles, expanding their horizons on the vast world of dance.

“My favorite part was [the african style] because we don’t get to do that on an everyday basis,” Hannah said.

Besides introducing new techniques to students, Dance Day also raised awareness for Harvest Hope.

“Dancers from each school put together a performance to raise awareness for Harvest Hope,” Hannah said, “and we’re collecting canned goods.”

The schools of District Five have been practicing their routines in order to put on a show that will bring in as many canned foods as possible.

“All four schools and all their dance teams and dance classes have been making their own pieces and numbers and duets and stuff like that, and now they’re just showcasing it all together,” sophomore Amar Bains said. “It’s non-profit, we aren’t charging, and the canned food and packaged foods are donated to Harvest Hope.”

The chance to have all the schools in District Five come together is a rare occurrence, and the dancers have a special opportunity to see the talent of neighboring schools.

“It’s a collaborative setting, so it’s fun to see everybody, and being in the district you don’t get to see the other schools; the only time we get to see other schools is maybe the district musical,” Amar said. “But right off the bat you’re meeting new people.”

Dance Day gives dancers an experience that will be carried with them throughout their future years in dance and beyond.

“Growing up I always knew that I wanted to dance professionally, and I’m thankful that I am now able to do that,” Dance Day supervisor and Dutch Fork Alumni Jessica Edwards said. “Growing up in an area that didn’t have dance in schools made me want to transfer to a performing arts high school, and now that I get to see the other students have the opportunity to perform…It inspires me and makes me happy for the years to come.”