column by Hayley Younginer

“All right now ladies and gentlemen, let’s bring it down with a slow song to end the most memorable night of your lives,” says the DJ who then plays a dubstep version of an Ed Sheeran song, completely unaware of how awkward he just made the next three minutes of the night. (I mean really, man? How do you even slow dance to dubstep?)

Although the DJ may be completely in the wrong with his playlist, he is right about one thing: prom is a memorable night.

Partly because you’ll have, at bare minimum, 600 something photographs to document it courtesy of overzealous parents craving that ‘perfect shot’ and partly because, as a senior, it is one of your last high school moments to relish and truly enjoy with friends and classmates you have grown up with.

But let me not get emotional, let me get technical.

Do you realize how different prom is for girls than it is for guys? Girls have to get a dress, accessories to match, hair and makeup done, an even tan, a flawless mani/pedi and heels just tall enough to make us wonder why we even wore shoes at all by the end of the night.

Then we have to worry about how early we have to wake up to get ready so that we can put all of our pieces together and form a masterpiece.

Meanwhile, we got the guys over here sitting on the couch eating Doritos until 30 minutes before they have to pick up their date–giving them just enough time to throw on their tux and be out the door.

How I envy them.

But hey, you have to admit, prom is an entertaining night. You get to go out and get dolled up for one night and feel pampered. You get to see all your friends and yourself look even more beautiful than you already do. You get to stuff your face at a deliciously fancy restaurant at someone else’s expense and enjoy every second of it over conversation and laughter.

Prom is a stereotypical high school experience and not one to be missed out on. Yes, the DJ might suck. Yes, your heels may be plotting your demise. Yes, your date may have Dorito dust on his tux, but really, would you have it any other way?

When you tell your kids about your prom night before they go out for theirs, what are you truly going to remember? You’re going to tell them about the photo booth you and your friends took crazy pictures in, the way your parents teared up at pictures when they realized how grown up you are, and you are going to step back and see it.

High school is almost over and this is one of your last memories. Make it last. Make it count. Make it memorable.