column by Lacee Getter

   Costumes dance routines and singing. Students from all over district 5, Irmo High School, Dutch Fork High School, Chapin High School.  auditioned and performed in the district 5 musical, “Grease”. The performances took place from April 22nd to April 25th at the Midlands Tech Auditorium.

Grease is a musical about high schoolers from the 1950’s and their experiences with cliques and romance. The two main characters are Sandy Olsen and Danny Zucco who fall in love over the summer and then meet each other again when school starts back. Due to high school cliques and reputation the two struggle to embrace their love for each other. The classic 1978 film, Grease stars John Travolta as Danny Zucco and Olivia Newton-John as Sandy Olsen and is directed by Randal Kleiser. The filmed earned over 395 million at the box office.

I give the district musical a high rating of an 8 because I really enjoyed the performance and the cast choices were absolutely phenomenal. The strong points in the musical were the vocals, choreography, and costumes. This musical is filled with lots of fun poodle skirts, leather jackets and greasy hair styles that really add to the 50’s effect of the play. Classic songs such as, Grease Lightning, Beauty School Dropout, and The One That I Want were performed with strong vocals and challenging dance routines that engaged the audience. One of my favorite parts was when senior Sara Alston performed a dance solo with Danny Zucco’s character during the school dance scene. Sara’s character reminded me of Tina Turner and had really dynamic dance moves. I also enjoyed seeing senior Eneida Rivera perform the song Freddy my lovely which was a part of the sleepover scene. This scene was really cute and had a lovey dovey feel to it. The only complaint I have is the audio levels, there were a very few times when I couldn’t hear the actors or the background music wasn’t loud enough, but overall the play was well performed and had many strong points that created a wonderful show.