review by Robin Hendricks

Insurgent, the sequel to last year’s adaptation Divergent, surged into theaters on 20 March to be somewhat disappointing in comparison with its predecessor.

The film, starring Theo James and Shailene Woodley, explores what happens after the Erudite attack on Abnegation, beginning with the main characters’ stay at Amity, one of the other factions. It also follows the main character Tris Prior as she moves on from what happened at the end of Divergent, as she moves to acceptance and, finally, forgiveness.

It is a meaningful plot for any movie to have, but it wasn’t exactly carried out in an intelligent, pleasant-to-watch manner. For one, it was rather rushed. Nearly every scene began in a new setting. Allegiances were discussed but rarely explained. Friendships were broken and mended in the blink of an eye. All in all, it was rather difficult to follow.

Secondly, it felt more like an introduction of what was to come than a story itself. Most that was included didn’t need to be, while what should have been included was not. It honestly felt like filler, which a movie–whether it is part of a series or not–should never be.

The movie took the recent, very popular route of dystopian stories as they made the “not like other girls” girl the one tool to defeat the overbearing government, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. But people seem to like that storyline, so who can blame them.

Of course, there were moments of pure awesome. Without getting too spoilery, just know that at one point Tris uses a cable to climb a floating, rotating building. That’s also on fire. Does she survive? The answer has been redacted because of spoilers.

The movie also has insanely impressive composition. Every faction, or lack there of, is given a home that represents its values through structural and prop designs that can take breath away from a viewer with a watchful eye.

Overall, the movie is rushed to an ending that feels more like the beginning of a new story rather than an end to the current one. But because of certain moments, certain characters and certain set designs, the movie is still worth watching.