story by Carina Leaman and Anna Maria Gardiner

Sugar, spice, and everything football: dirt flies as Powderpuff week kicks off.

Powderpuff is an annual all-girl’s football competition pitting each grade level against each other. But this year’s turnout was minimal.

Student council assigned each grade a Powderpuff coach, and each coach sent out invitations to the girls that they wanted on their team. The girls then got to choose whether or not to participate.

“Organizing Powderpuff was a challenge this year because since the coaches picked their teams,” senior student council member Caroline Sinegar said. “It was hard to communicate with the coaches due to not knowing their own personal agendas.”

The competitive sport pits the classes against each other: freshman against sophomore, junior against senior. But this year, lack of participation required the sophomores and juniors team to be combined.

Powderpuff is a unique experience for the entire student body, not just students already involved in sports.

“The girls (seniors) played great. They had a well deserved win because they put in a lot of hard work and dedication right before the game,” senior coach Tyler Bass said.

Most view the tournament as a way for students to blow off steam and enjoy themselves. While the game is fun, players are ultimately in it for the glory.

“It’s a fun way to have fun with your classmates, and it gives everyone an opportunity to really prove who the most athletic class of the school is,” senior quarterback Lindsey Mason said.

Each class held their own practices in order to prep for the final game, but they only had the week before.

“I went to all of the practices,” junior player Rachel Crockett said. “Our practices were kind of crazy, but we pulled it together.”

But even though practices focused on strategies, they weren’t always remembered in the times they were needed.

“At practice we learned different plays and where everyone should block [or] run in each, although most of us couldn’t remember them during the actual game,” senior running back Jen Quindlen said. “We also practiced throwing and catching, and most importantly, came up with an intimidating cheer.”

For the seniors, the strategy was to constantly attack the opposite team.

“We were a very aggressive team,” Lindsey said. “We were strong on both sides of the ball and nobody could slow us down.”

And this year, one key play foreshadowed the senior class’ victory.

“Lindsay’s pass to Haley in the first half was probably the best play ever made in Powderpuff history,” senior announcer Blake Ellis said.

Even though competition runs high, athletes remember that a good game is better than a won game.

“Football is an aggressive sport,” Jen said, “but despite the hostile nature, all the girls played clean.”