column by Lacee Getter

Everyday, the sound of laughing children and the smell of snacks vibrate throughout the Kit Den daycare center. The Kit Den staff takes care of many children of District Five teachers and staff members, but after this school year, the center will be closing permanently.

First and foremost, let’s place emphasis on the fact that the Kit Den daycare center has been active for 15 years at Dutch Fork and has made a tremendous impact on the District Five teaching staff. As if handling the heavy duty job of teaching hundreds of students isn’t enough, many teachers also have to balance being a parent when they get home from work.

The Kit Den is located inside of Dutch Fork High School, and that’s what makes this daycare unique and reliable. Most teachers would either have to hire a nanny to watch their kids or find another daycare center that’s probably a long way from the school, but because of the Kit Den’s location, many teachers don’t have to worry about taking long trips to pick up and drop off their children. Gas prices are already high enough and teaching is already a high pressure job that requires a lot of energy. Being a parent also means spending lots of money, patience, availability and strength that can sometimes take a toll on a teacher’s career.

The Kit Den helps save teachers money, gives teachers more time to focus on their career, helps ease the stress of being a parent and helps teachers balance their work and family life.  The Kit Den can also attract more teachers to apply for jobs at Dutch Fork and other District Five schools because of its reliability. Many classes at Dutch Fork such as Child Development also use the Kit Den as a source for learning and projection.

The Kit Den staff does an amazing job of nurturing the children and taking care of them on an organized schedule everyday. The kids get to play with toys that the daycare offers, get fed properly, have nap time, etc.

So come on District Five, give the Kit Den another chance and allow it to stay open for the next many years to come.