Story by Maddie Mason, Lydia Kicklighter and Malik BrazileIMG_9750

As the new year begins, ratings come out that reflect schools in either a positive or negative light.

This year, the rating for cleanliness was below average to say the least. As a result, new rules were put in place so this would not happen again.

Messy bathrooms, congested hallway walls and tape residue are just some of the issues administration is working to fix.

Despite the goodwill of administration, some of these changes will step on some student body and faculty toes. They will hinder clubs and organizations’ ability to spread the word about upcoming events including football games, spirit weeks and club meetings.

Tape residue left on the walls is an issue of interest because many school organizations need to put posters up to advertise their events, but administration has the idea masking tape will leave sticky tape residue on the walls.

There haven’t been any issues about tape residue in the past, so why now?

What has caused administration to think that the masking tape used by many students, for the sole purpose to come off cleanly, is leaving a residue?

Is there any way around this problem?

Their solution is to have posters only hung on cork strips.  This means no tape may be used to hang up any posters throughout the entire school.

Despite the fact that there are only 4 cork strips in the commons, and organizations like Student Council, Pep Club, and countless others need to have their posters up, administration will not let up, causing frustration from students and teachers alike.

There is, however, one obvious solution to the poster debacle: getting more cork strips or bulletin boards to hang around the school. The only issue, though, is that these  cost money, which would need to be worked into the budget.

Teachers, who are also club advisors, are vying for these extra cork strips and bulletin boards to be added to the budget, so their students will be able to hang as many posters as necessary. These will provide easy access for students to hang posters and inform the student body of important upcoming events.

Posters are also one of the most important ways students can get information that they need. So limiting posters to only be hung up on cork then limits how much information students have to them at easy access.

It is important for students to have access to this information because this allows more students to be active in the events happening causing more student participation.