Story by Maddie Mason and Lydia Kicklighter


If your gorgeous, long lost best friend came to you in the middle of the night promising an adventure you’d never forget, and all you had to do was be the mode of transportation, would you agree?

This is what Quentin Jacobsen, an awkward, introverted, high school senior woke up to one night. Margo Roth Spiegelman is Quentin’s neighbor and childhood best friend who hasn’t talked to him since they were kids.

Released Oct.16, 2008 as number 5 on the New York Times best seller list, Paper Towns, is a young adult fiction novel by John Green.  It  begins with the ‘night of fun’ Margo asks Q to go on with her. Their adventure involves felonies, revenge plots and a mysterious trip to SeaWorld.  

The next day, though, Margo is nowhere to be seen.  But no one is worried because Margo is practically known for going places without telling anyone, but leaving small clues for people to come find her.  Margo does this for Quentin, and he makes it his mission to be the person to find Margo.  His goal is to profess his love to her, along with his best friends Ben Starling, Radar (Marcus) and Margo’s best friend Lacey Pemberton.

All of the main characters are anything but cookie-cutter, run of the mill characters.  They each have very distinct personalities, and all find themselves while going on this journey with Quentin in his search for Margo.  

Author and video blogger, John Green, and his brother, Hank, discovered a paper town on a road trip when he was in college.  He was in South Dakota, and was trying to find a town he saw on the map, Holen.  The only problem was, though, that it doesn’t exist.  It is a paper town.  This sparked his interest in them, and eventually lead to the writing of Paper Towns.

Paper Towns is written with precision and humor, with comedic relief and moments of anxious, nail biting tension. Green accentuates the different characters and their personalities through these contrasts.  All in all, Paper Towns is a well written, entertaining novel about finding yourself and how you fit into this crazy world.