Story by Raleigh Norris, Lindsay Long, Zakiya Austin

Ali Myatich story

Everyone loves summer: no school, spending time with friends, the summer nights and traveling. A lot of people travel during the summer, and you may or may not hear about people traveling outside of the United States too often.

This summer, senior Ali Myatich went to Italy for thirteen days for a fun summer experience.

“I love traveling, especially internationally. It allows me to experience other cultures and meet lots of new people worldwide,” Ali said. “It’s also a phenomenal experience to see famous works of art such as Michelangelo’s David.”

She went to Italy with her mom and dad, and the trip allowed her to spend quality family time with her parents and really bonded them closer together.

“Since school was starting up in a month, we knew that Ali would be busy with her senior year at school and with her friends, Ali’s mom, Michelle Myatich, said. “We wanted to have a two weeks together with just us and some other relatives, where we could really spend time together. It was really nice having that family time.”

When it came to bonding, it also really helped them become closer and spend time together because of their lack of service and wifi.

“We couldn’t use our phone service in Italy because it would’ve cost us more money,” Mrs. Myatich said. “And not everywhere we went had wifi. So we spent more time together talking and sightseeing rather than having our faces in our phones.”

Ali and her family did a lot of fun things during her trip, one of which stood out to her more than the others because it reminded me of her grandfather.

“It was amazing to climb The Leaning Tower of Pisa!” Ali said. “Especially since my grandfather was in the Navy and has a picture next to the tower, it meant a lot to me to be able to stand where he had stood all those years ago.”

Other areas of Italy were not so special to Ali, especially the city of Siena.

“Siena was my least favorite place because we went on the day of the horse race that they hold once a year called the Palio,” Ali said. “It was amazing to see, but the whole town was completely overcrowded and hot. We had to push through crowds of people just to try to get a glance of the horse race.”

Speaking of it being hot in Italy, Ali recalls one experience that she wishes she could forget.

“One of the hotels we stayed at didn’t have air conditioning,” Ali said. “Summer nights with no air conditioning aren’t fun. We barely got any sleep because we were too busy focusing on how sweaty we were.”

Ali has a few suggestions for people who want to travel. One of those suggestions is to have a plan on where to go and when to go there, so you’ll have plenty of time to do all that you want to do.

“Make sure you have an itinerary,” Ali said. “It is important to plan your visit wisely so you can visit lots of different places and maximize your experience. Our itinerary kept us on track and we were able to see everything we wanted to.”

There are many awesome places to visit in Ali’s opinion, and Italy is one of the places she suggests everyone go visit at least once in their lifetime.

“Italy has been my favorite place so far,” Ali said. “I loved Rome and Florence, but all the Italian food is delicious and there is so many fantastic works of art to see!”