Story by Abby Beauregard, Trey Rice, and Sam Aaron


Photo by Sam Aaron

The bell rings, as underclassmen and seniors alike all leave the school, the absence of the senior bell now noticeable.  The bell was removed due to students not following the proper rules including loitering of seniors as well as underclassmen leaving atduring the senior bell.

“We as administration saw it was not being utilized properly.  Underclassmen would leave at the senior bell. If it can’t be used equally and properly, then no one should have it,” Assistant Principal Jason Pollock saidsaid.

Underclassman are unaffected by the change, but upset nonetheless.

“When I’m a senior I’d expect that I deserve a senior bell,” sophomore Elena Vawter said.

Administration reminds the students that the senior bell is a privilege, and should be treated as such.

“They got rid of it because teachers let out students that weren’t seniors at the senior bell,” senior Kayla McMillan said.

While most students consider the bell a reward, others disagree.

“The senior bell is a distraction. Kids might not be in the right place and underclassmen go where they shouldn’t,” sophomore Donte Johnson said.

In the past few years, loitering has also become a problem. Many underclassmen would leave class at the senior bell and then stand in the commons until the final bell rang. Not having the senior bell allows less distraction to not just underclassmen but also seniors, making the dismissal procedure simpler.

“An advantage of not having the senior bell is no disruption of underclassmen during the last three minutes of class. No one loiters in the commons at the end of the day and everyone leaves the building at the same time,” said Pollock.

In addition to solving the school’s loitering problem, the loss of the bell will make sure the last three minutes of class are spent solely on academics.

“I want all students to have as much instructional time with teachers as possible,” Pollock said.

However, some students are raising concerns about the flow of traffic now that all students leave at once.

“It’s really inconvenient because it makes the traffic worse because everyone’s trying to get out at once. It doesn’t seem safe,” senior Carson Markland said.

Although some students don’t see eye to eye with administration, the majority can agree that they want it back.