Story by Raleigh Norris, Lindsay Long, Zakiya Austin


Photo by Lindsay Long

High schools are filled with different groups of people. To name a few, there are the thespians, the artists, the dancers and the musicians.

People don’t always realize though that “musicians” is such a broad category. It splits up into orchestra, band, chorus and “garage band” type of performers.

“Each different instrument shows a different strength and different weakness that needs to be worked on by the musician,” sophomore Graeme Wolverton said.

Graeme, who has been playing the guitar since he was seven years old, understands that playing an instrument is difficult, but worth it.

“The most challenging part of being a guitar player is that there is always another technique or riff needing to be perfected,” Graeme said. “Developing your own sound is important when you’re trying to be an original artist.”

Some people start playing instruments because they want to, while others are pushed to play instruments, and are glad that they finally did.

“I wasn’t going to start playing [the violin], but my mom inspired me to start playing because she thought I would be good at it,” freshman Heather Swenson said.

Favorite bands also affect students on which instrument they want to play and to continue improving.

“My favorite band is Dream Theatre because they sound different and everyone in the band is an extremely good musician,” junior guitarist, Connor Salley, said. “They bring a lot to the table.”

To musicians, music is what makes their world go round, and what makes them get up in the morning.

“Music means everything to me,” senior Ashley Dye said. “Music is centered around my life.”

Ashley, who has played the cello since seventh grade, is proud to be in orchestra, and feels so lucky to be able to play an instrument she loves with people that she loves.

“To me, being in orchestra means an opportunity to play with people who are around the same age and level as me,” Ashley said. “It also means getting to work on a piece to perform for other people who appreciate music.”

When it comes to being a musician, trying your best and working hard every day to achieve your goals is essential.

“I like improving and becoming better,” Heather said. “Improving helps me to feel better about myself and my playing.”

Musicians also enjoy improving to see how their family and friends react.

“My family inspires me to continue playing because they are all musically talented which motivates and pushes me to do better,” Graeme said.

Even though playing instruments is just a fun hobby to have in high school, it could also lead to a future career path.

“I would like to do something in the music industry,” Graeme said. “Whether it be performing onstage or being behind the scenes.”

Dutch Fork High School has musical opportunities beside of classes, such as Music Club that meets Wednesday’s after school.

“Music club means a lot to me because I love the students involved and instead of it being an extra chore to do,” Music Club sponsor Jaime Chason said. “It’s something I look forward to doing because it’s an eclectic and I’m an eclectic lady.”

For people who are thinking about playing an instrument now or in the future, it may be wise to attempt playing the instrument for a little while before completely committing.

“Try it,” Connor said. “It’s gonna be hard, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it.”