Story by Trey Martin

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Photo by Maddie Mason

The cheers of Dutch Fork students were deafening as the football team upset the undefeated Dorman Cavaliers this past Friday night. This season, the Dutch Fork Pep Club looks to add a new element to sporting events.

“Having a strong student base that comes together for sporting events promotes a good social environment that surrounds games,”  senior Mitchell Lambert said.

The Pep Club plans to be a supporting factor for all of Dutch Fork athletics this season.

“[This year] We want to have a presence at more sports besides just football. We want to make sure we can contribute to all boy’s and girl’s sports,” English teacher and pep club sponsor Betsy Hirsch said.

Hirsch said that it was an easy choice to be the sponsor for the Pep Club.

“I’ve always appreciated the school spirit that we have here,” Hirsch said. “I wanted to be here for the kids because they didn’t have a sponsor.”

Students look at Pep Club as an important factor to school sporting events.

“[The Pep Club] influences games by letting the players know that you are there to support them, and that makes them play better,” junior John David Hunter said.

Other students also think that the club plays an essential role to the outcome of the sporting event.

“I think Pep Club helps our teams play better because they know the crowd is on their side and behind them,” junior Haley Chiles said.

Faculty at the school have great appreciation for the Pep Club and enjoy seeing the students participate.

“I think it’s great that they have such enthusiasm,” Hirsch said. “I know they are appreciated by the faculty and the coaches. They’re a huge part of our student body.”

Not only does the Pep Club help the teams they cheer for, they also play a unique role in uniting the student body.

“My favorite part about Pep Club is the opportunities it brings. It brings you into the core of the school,” freshman Briana Holleman said.

Students in the Pep Club are able to unite and celebrate a common interest.

“[My favorite part about games] is the energy because it’s a lot of people that show the same interests, they love Dutch Fork,” sophomore Stephen Wise said. “When you have a lot of people that love Dutch Fork it makes it really fun.”

With many sporting events coming up, students pitched their ideas for themes that the Pep Club could have for the games, including nerd night and frat night.

“[If I could have one theme] I’d have toga day, mainly because we’ve never been allowed to have it and we’ve seen other schools with it,” Haley said.

Other ideas given were more unique.

“The Dark Knight theme would be great,” said Mitchell. “Coming together behind The Dark Knight themed pep club would be a recipe for success no matter the opponent.”

Overall, the Pep Club brings excitement to the student body.

“I like the energy that we bring to the sideline,” Stephen said. “It feels like we’re the 12th man of Dutch Fork High School.”