Story by Maddie Mason, Lydia Kicklighter, Malik Brazile

Photo by Malik Brazile
Photo by Malik Brazile

Genius, formerly known as Rap Genius, is an app as well as a website that deciphers the meaning behind song lyrics.

Listening to music is an everyday thing to most people nowadays, but have most have never taken time to see what some of the lyrics of their favorite songs really mean. Genius can help.

Genius is one of the first options of it’s kind for music, while SparkNotes and Cliff’s Notes have been around for years, and they are available to all with internet and comparable with Genius.

The app is quite simple, and there is no need for an account or monthly fee.

The design of the app is sleek, with a bright yellow themed interface that is attractive to the eye.

When the app is first opened, a list of songs that are “HOT ON GENIUS” will appear, which is a list of popular songs at the time.

That list is one of the most important features of the app because it is the main screen that appears on the app, where all basic information and functions are found. It has all genres of music to attract more people, from hip hop to screamo.

When Genius first came out, it was only for hip hop and R&B music. It was beneficial when more genres were added, and Genius is still reaping the benefits with their 1.7 million songs in multiple genres.

Genius also has forums that feature topics other than music, topics like: Sports, History, Law and Tech. These forums are where frequent Genius users can go to voice their opinions and hold discussions on current issues within the topic.

Another feature that Genius has is the Text feature where users choose “Lit” (Literature), “Screen” (Film) or “Sports”. The Text feature gives users access to popular articles on current topics within that genre for users to read.

As explained, Genius is a really innovative and useful app to the many curious music lovers out there.