Story by Maddie Mason, Lydia Kicklighter, Abby Beauregard, Robert Sawyer

Photo courtesy of International Brands

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to be grateful all of the time.  Despite this, as Americans and South Carolinians, there is so much to be grateful for.  

Living in a free country is sadly a right that some citizens of different countries don’t have. Americans can practice whatever religion they please, petition the government, peaceably assemble together, and so much more.  

Recently, it can be harder because of the flooding and issues posed because of all of the water that has ruined and taken lives.  But that does encourage thankfulness.

For those unaffected by the flood, thankfulness almost comes naturally with being untouched by a natural disaster and still having family to share the rest of the year with.

During this season, challenging ourselves and those around us is something that needs to happen.  Challenging everyone to remember all of the blessings South Carolinians have, and how little we go without.

The holiday season is one of the times where those who go without most of the year, especially go without because of holiday presents, and now even more if their family was affected by the flood.  So remembering to thank people and be grateful for what you do have is necessary.

There are opportunities to volunteer around the community, especially with the holidays coming up.  Donating to food shelters like Harvest Hope, participating in coat drives, or even engaging in the angel tree that will be popping up in the Dutch Fork Media Center soon.  

A spirit and attitude of thankfulness can change someone’s entire outlook on a day, week, month, or even season.  This is crucial because a positive attitude forces someone to focus on the good things in their life. A good attitude is characteristic of someone who is joyful and a pleasure to be around and can influence those around them.

While being thankful is not always the easiest outlook to have, it works wonders on the people around you.  A simple smile or a wave can instantly change someone’s day to make it better.

There is no simple formula for being thankful, no trick or 10 step process.  It’s just constantly keeping a grateful attitude.  While this is hard, it is necessary.  The attitude of those unaffected by the flooding needs to be encouraging and loving to those who were affected.