Story by Malik Brazile

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Ever wanted to see a particular place without actually being there? Well Google makes that possible with their latest invention: Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard is a virtual reality headset much like the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR, except Google’s is made out of cardboard. Seems sketchy right? False.

The headset is made out of four simple items: cardboard, velcro strips, magnets and two plastic lenses.

The headset is paired with an app called Cardboard that actually gives you a virtual reality.

The actual cardboard is designed to hold a phone with the Cardboard app open so it is possible to see whatever it is on your phone.

In the Cardboard app the screen is split for each one of your eyes, it looks quite weird without the headset.

But once you pair your mobile device with the cardboard it is very innovative and impressing; users can navigate the app with the plastic button on the cardboard and by tilting to select different options.

Google Cardboard comes with what they call “7 experiences” the first is how Youtube allows users to watch a selection of Youtube videos on a simulated theater screen.

Another neat experience is Street Vue it lets allows wandering around in a virtual reality version of the street, one place in particular is Paris.

“Exhibit” is a feature that lets users look at a few 3D recreations of objects, most of the objects are historical objects like mask, documents etc.

A really cool feature that lets users zoom around a city in Google Earth is Earth Flyover all people have to do is push the “button” on the side of the cardboard to start flying forward, push it again to stop.

Photosphere Viewer lets viewers look around in pictures you’ve taken using Android’s built-in 360º panoramic feature

That feature would be neat if a users was to go to a place with a wide range like Time square.

An experience that will keep children occupied is Windy Day, this feature is a cartoonish environment where you can watch animals sneak around as leaves fall

Tour Guide is a feature that for now only has viewers explore the Palace of Versaille, hopefully in the future it will add more places for users to explore.

As explained, Google cardboard is a very fun and cheap toy that allows you to see the world in a different way, this should very excited to see where this new virtual reality is going, who knows we might be able to watch movies and play your favorite phone games through Google Cardboard one day.