Story by Chyna Wallace, Lydia Kicklighter, Lindsay Long

senior night

Photo courtesy of Dutch Fork Football Twitter

Senior Night is a very important night for everyone . It recognizes all the hard work seniors have put in their four years of high school.

“[Senior Night] celebrates all that the seniors have accomplished in their high school years,” senior Katie Samonsky said.

With all of that accomplishment comes reminiscing, including the reminder that senior night is the last home game in the season.  

“It’s sad because it’s the last time you’ll play football at your home school,” senior Colt Coffman said.

Recognition is also important for all senior football players.

It’s important because they’ve been working hard and it’s the last time they’ll play on their home field and it’s the last home game because playoffs aren’t guaranteed,” senior Sean Riehm said

Themes like senior night add to everyone’s high school experience.

“I’ve made more friends, I’ve become closer to my classmates,”says Colt

Even though senior night is very emotional, seniors also look forward to their new experiences and things for them to do in the future.

“I’m excited for the future because I’ve got more things to do.I’ll have more opportunities and other extra curricular activities to do,” Colt said.

With all of these extracurriculars, there are many responsibilities, especially being Pep God.

Wow, through the early years it was a way to get involved in school and make a lot of friends and be a part of something that was fun, and this year being ‘Pep God’ has taught me about responsibility and helped me mature a lot.There’s a lot of responsibility and I do a lot of planning for cheers and maintaining a constant level of excitement.  It’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s very maturing,” Sean said.

Giving recognition to the seniors also gives them a chance to have a moment of fame and let them know they are loved by the students.

“It makes them feel like they’ve helped out and that they’re appreciated by the students,” senior Richard Zhao said

Underclassmen take senior night for granted, but when you’re actually a senior, it’s a very important night.

“Senior night is a big deal,”  Sean said, “because they’ve been on the team and working hard and this is their last home game, so we take it for granted when we’re younger, but this is the last time they’ll play under the lights at Dutch Fork, and that’s a big deal for everyone involved, and they deserve to be recognized.”