Story by Sam Aaron, Haley Dixon and Sarah Emily Rish

With the end of the year rapidly approaching drama has put on their winter play, Into the Woods.  Drama gives students a unique opportunity to show their talent in high value student-run productions, and it also allows students to form friendships that span beyond the stage.

“This play has most benefitted me by providing me with some really awesome friends. I always grow as an actor while doing plays, but the thing that I take away are lasting friendships with fellow actors,” senior Jesse Tompkins said.

Participating in a play allows students to form friendships from working with one another.  These plays help students learn how to work with one another.

“I would definitely [participate in another play] because Mrs. Fichter knows what she’s doing, and when the ensemble focuses on what they’re doing it turns into a really good show,” freshman Alex Walters said.

Being on stage allows students to connect with one another, promoting friend groups to arouse.

“I think that there’s a way to get a good group of friends out of it and there’s a rush you

get by performing on stage that is unlike anything else,” sophomore Cameron Muccio said.

Drama gives students a background in acting and lets them get more accustomed to how working on a play should be.

“It gave me more of an acting experience and it introduced me more to how fun musical theater is and how hard work really pays off, it’s so much fun and so much good energy that goes around,” junior Candis Sowell said.

The actors believe that their favorite part of the production is the friendships and connections they make.

“I feel like my favorite part of participating in Into the Woods is that I’ve made really good friendships with people in it,” Cameron said.

According to the students that participated, Into the Woods is considered a more complicated show compared to previous shows.

“I feel like this is definitely the most complicated one [play] I’ve done. There are so many parts to it and there are lots of complicated cues and a lot of lines that you have to memorize, but it’s also been the most fun play that I’ve been in. Everyone is so talented in this play, too,” Jesse said.

The actors all agree that Into The Woods is one of the most difficult shows they’ve put on, but all of the hard work pays off when the actors take the stage.

“I think Into The Woods is the hardest show that I’ve been in,” Cameron said. “The music is complicated and hard to learn. It’s been a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it.”