22577288175_69b9ab63a9_bStory by Malik Brazile, Josh German, Trey Martin

After winning the state championship in 2014, the Dutch Fork girls tennis team recently finished another successful season.

“I think it [the season] went well considering we were a rebuilding team. We lost five seniors from last year and were able to win most of our matches,” junior Jenna Bradfute said.

The team created goals at the beginning of the season in an effort to improve their play during the season.

        “We tried to practice a lot more and be positive on the court, and cheer each other on throughout the matches,” junior Alison Walsh said.

        Defending a state title isn’t a easy thing to do, and the team understands what they need to do to improve their play.

        “I need to improve on handling when I’m losing and being able to come back,” junior Sam Calais said.

        Going into the season the girls had some prominent goals in mind to achieve before the end of the season.

“Our goal this year was to win state again. We were really close this year but we weren’t able to get that far. I will cheer on the team next year,” senior Christina Byun said.

        The team has also put in work as individuals to pull the team’s performance up as a whole.

“I’ve been working out, with running and lifting weights, and I’ve been practicing a lot outside of school. I’ve been eating healthy too,”  Alison said.

        Getting along as a team is one of the main things that allows the team to succeed in their matches.

“We set the goal of reestablishing leadership and coming closer as a team. I think we definitely met those goals throughout the season. We found that leadership and friendship aids us to be the best that we can be,” Jenna said.

Despite the loss of some senior leadership, the team did not have that deter their motivation.

“[The tennis team was] determined. Despite the loss of our seniors we pulled through as a team and made it far in the playoffs,” Jenna said.

The season was not only successful on the court, but the girls are proud of the team’s growth off the court.

“Our girls tennis team is a second family. We make fun of each other and play tennis against each other like there’s no tomorrow but we love one another like sisters,” Christina said.

The team is proud of the bonds they formed over the season, and they believe that will help them be even better next season.

“The best part of the season was how everyone on the team grew and were like a family,” Sam said. “I’m looking forward to next year because everyone on the team is improving drastically and by next year we will be even better than past years.”