Story by Zakiya Austin

This year’s fall musical was a rendition of “Into The Woods”, written by Stephen Sondheim and based on the book by James Lapine. This musical depicts the intermeshed chronicles of several well-known fairy-tale stories by the Grimm Brothers such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Jack and the Beanstalk, all tied together with an unfamiliar story about a Baker and his Wife.

Each story starts separately as they are written but somehow find each other in the woods. From there, chaos follows each traveler as they search for their well deserved yet illusive happy ever after ending.

The auditorium was alight with veteran and novice talent alike. The audience was especially taken with new talent junior Candis Sowell who portrayed the Baker’s Wife. She wowed the audience in “It Takes Two,” a sparkling duet with senior Jesse Tompkins who portrayed her husband, the Baker. Jesse, as always, took the stage with such presence and confidence that it was hard to look away from him.

Another especially dazzling performance was given by junior Lyndsey Brown who played the role of the witch who curses the baker’s family and watches over Rapunzel, played by the stunning vocalist junior Avianna Rivera, in her tower. Lyndsey is an excellent performer who had the crowd hushed during her performance of “Last Midnight” before disappearing into the woods with a blood curdling screech.

And how can we forget the outstanding performance of our Pep Club president senior Sean Riehm in the role of Mr. Wolf. His bone-chilling rendition of “Little Girl” had the audience quaking in their seats.

Other notable performances are sophomore Cameron Muccio in the role of Jack, senior Akyra Washington in the role of Jack’s mother, and sophomore Erin O’Connor in the role of Cinderella, all under the leadership of stage manager junior Sarah Hudson.

The musical was magnificent. The amount of talent on that stage was unbelievable. It was tragic, funny and overall very entertaining. It could’ve been made just a little better had the microphones not been malfunctioning.

Aside from the technical difficulties that the show encountered, it was a pleasure to watch. Theatre teacher Jessica Fichter has really outdone herself.