Story by Lydia Kicklighter



Photo by Matthew Heron

The Senior Board is looking to have a senior-only event each month for students to attend to get more involved in the school and create stronger bonds with their classmates.

“The movie night went well! It was exciting to see the senior class come together to do something fun,” Senior Class Treasurer Lacey Spell said.

While the turnout for Elf was not as big as the senior class representatives hoped for, they are excited for the future events, and they cross their fingers for more attendance in the future. In addition, the anticipation for more senior class events lies not only in the senior class representatives, but in students as well.

“[I was excited for it] because I knew it would be fun to hang out with all of my friends and watch a good movie,” senior Libby Jones said.

Not only are students enjoying themselves at these events for these events, they’re aware of how they are bonding experiences for the senior class.

“I think senior events provide students with an entertaining way to enjoy their final year of high school while also bonding with their fellow classmates,” Student Body President Jesse Tompkins said.

The enjoyment experienced by seniors who went to the movie night will encourage more events of this nature to take place as the year progresses.

“They loved [movie night] and it will encourage them to come to more events, like the prospective ice skating event in January,” Senior Board Advisor Laurie Humphrey said.

Students have their own reasons for attending, and despite these different reasons, there was a common enjoyment.

“I attended because it was a student council sponsored event, and I thought it would be a fun opportunity to spend time with my friends, which it was, and to get into the Christmas spirit a little early this year,” Jesse said.

This is also the motivation behind senior class representatives: to have students bond and create better relationships that will last beyond their high school years.

“[We wanted to have a movie night] to get seniors more involved and have everyone come together as a family,” Senior Class Treasurer Rebekah Smith said.

Because this is the seniors’ last year in high school, it’s important for them to have fun while they still can, and deepen relationships while they’re at it.

As a senior class we need to get closer, and we’re only a senior in high school once, so we need to live it up,” Libby said.

As students progress through their high school years, it can be difficult to realize how quickly it actually goes by, and it’s important to participate in high school every year, but especially senior year.  

“[we are planning to have more senior events] because we want bonding within the class,” Humphrey said, “and for students to enjoy their senior year, so we’re providing these events as a way for seniors to do that.,”