Story by Sam Aaron, Haley Dixon and Sarah Emily Rish


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Photo courtesy of Carol Jackson

Students that have an interest in teaching after high school are encouraged to join Teacher Cadets, a class that offers teaching training for students considering becoming a teacher in the future.

“I initially wanted to join Teacher Cadets due to the AP weighting and the fun activities I heard they got to do, but, as the year progressed, I realized everything we do is about so much more than just playing around or getting AP credit,” senior Elizabeth Davis said. “Iit’s about learning how to teach children and how to get on other people’s levels so they’re comfortable and just knowing what to do to make any environment conducive to learning.”

Carol Jackson decided to head the Teacher Cadets class, as teaching is a passion of her’s.

“I am passionate about the teaching profession and consider it a noble calling. I believe strongly that the strength of our teachers and schools has a strong bearing on our society,” english teacher Carol Jackson said.

Because of Jackson’s way of instructing students, many students recommended taking the Teacher Cadets class.

“I joined Teacher Cadets because I have always had a passion for teaching and my older sister went through the  class as well and loved it,” senior Grace Outhous said.

Students that are in these classes form bonds with each other that only continue to grow as the year progresses.

“The other students in my class are amazing;, we all connected immediately at the beginning of the year and ever since we’ve only grown closer,” Grace said.

Many skills have been taught through this class, with the help of Mrs. Jackson.

“This class has taught me invaluable skills, such as learning great interpersonal communication skills, seeing past the labels society puts on people, and being more understanding to people with disabilities,” Elizabeth said.

Participating in Teacher Cadets has only heightened students’ future plans to become teachers.

“It [Teacher Cadets] makes me want to be a teacher because it makes me want to help children learn and grow,” senior Dallas Zuniga.

Along with teaching valuable skills to students, Teacher Cadets is an AP class, which gives students the opportunity to receive college credit.

“Students have the opportunity to get free college credit, AP grade weighting in a single-block class, and do an off-campus internship during the spring of their senior year, and there is not another opportunity like that at DFHS,” Jackson said.

This class gives students a newfound respect for their teachers, showing them exactly how much work goes into teaching students.

“This class has definitely given me an eye opening experience as to what “being a teacher” is really all about,” Elizabeth said. “And I’d like to say first of all that it’s astounding the dedication and time that teachers really put into every little detail and should not be taken for granted by students- but I do not plan to teach immediately or to get any degree in education.”

Students can also learn many new things about themselves, not just techniques on how to properly teach children.

“I feel like everyone in my class could say that even within just the first nine-weeks we all learned something new about ourselves. It’s a great class and I would definitely recommend it for every student,” Grace said.

Teacher Cadets helps students get to know one another and grow as a family, not just as a class.

“I love how I have gotten to know people I normally would not know through teacher cadets,” Dallas said.

With the help of Mrs. Jackson and Teacher Cadets, students have learned more about teaching and want to pursue teaching careers after high school.

“… it[Teacher Cadets] has persuaded me to consider teaching on the collegiate level after 15 or so years of experience in the field simply because I enjoy the actual teaching, the social, and the humanitarian aspects of the teaching profession,” Elizabeth said. “All of which Teacher Cadets has thoroughly expounded upon in great detail.”