story by Trey Rice

High school is when teenagers reach the legal working age. Some high schoolers search for jobs and some don’t, but of the teens that do search there are some that have a hard time being hired. So why is this?

The most common reason is the lack of work experience. When someone is evaluated by a business and another person applied who has more work experience, it’s likely that the latter will be hired. In some cases, the only reason someone with no work experience is hired is because they’re the only person to apply.

In some ways this is unfair. How can teenagers begin making their own money when they can’t get jobs? This makes the idea of getting a job seem impossible to some.

The solution to the problem of no work experience is simple. All someone needs to do is show that they’re capable of handling responsibility. Activities such as community work, camp counseling, volunteer work and doing research on the job are all things that can be put on a resumè to show that a job seeker is capable of taking on a job.

The key is to go out and look for ragtag jobs that can be used on a resumè. Try babysitting, dogsitting or helping at a local shelter. In the end, all of the extra work is worth it when it comes to getting a job that pays.

Wanting a job as teenager is inspired by mostly one thing: money. Everybody wants and needs money. Having a job as a teenager allows teens to begin making money at a young age but it also does more than that.

It allows teens to build character, learn from their mistakes, develop work ethic and become responsible. It helps teenagers prepare for life after high school and in this way is important.

By building responsibility and work ethic, this shows businesses in the future that the applicant knows what they’re doing. This continues to build and build as teenagers graduate from high school and enter college. As this happens, a person is able to go from job to job over time, each paying off more than the last.

Go out into the world and find work that needs to be done. That’s the first step to work experience. After that, getting a job is easier and definitely worth it. It comes with not only money but also responsibility. All someone has to do is be confident, work hard and never give up.